Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
ProfSebastianoFilettiSapienza University of RomeItalyCybersecurity and Cryptography Policies and Regulationsdigital infrastructure for clinical researchBest Researcher Award
DrSuveenaSVedTech Bio Research Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore.IndiaOthersComputational BiologyBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof Dralialshahranitaif universitySaudi ArabiaHuman Factors in Cybersecurity and economic and outcome researchBest Researcher Award
Assist Prof DrHacı ÖmerYILMAZBandırma Onyedi Eylul UniversityTurkeyCybersecurity and Cryptography Policies and RegulationsCrytographyBest Researcher Award
DrPaschalMdoeHaydomLHTanzaniaOthersHealthExcellence in Research
DrDesireeHamman-FisherUniversity of the Western CapeSouth AfricaCybersecurity and Cryptography Policies and RegulationsEducation and Industrial PsychologyBest Researcher Award
DrDesireeHamman-FisherUniversity of the Western CapeSouth AfricaCybersecurity and Cryptography Policies and RegulationsEducation and Industrial PsychologyBest Researcher Award
Prof DrAhmadEidAswan UniversityEgyptCybersecurity and Cryptography Policies and RegulationsCybersecurity and CryptographyBest Researcher Award
Assoc Prof DrMingyangLiUniversity of South FloridaUnited StatesPublic Key Infrastructure and Key ManagementHealthcareBest Researcher Award
MrsNazdarAbasUniversity of GarmianIraqOthersMental healthBest Researcher Award
MrMatiwosWondmagegnUniversity of GondarEthiopiaCybersecurity Education and TrainingCybersecurity and CryptographyBest Researcher Award
DrSWATIKUMARITHAPAR INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGYIndiaPublic Key Infrastructure and Key ManagementPost Quantum CryptographyBest Researcher Award
DrShabirShabir HussainBahria University islamabadPakistanOthersimplications of digital mediaBest Researcher Award
DrRishikeshSahayOregon Institute of TechnologyUnited StatesCybersecurity Risk Management and GovernanceCybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control SystemsBest Researcher Award
DrRoyaEtminani-GhasrodashtiTexas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI)United StatesHuman Factors in Cybersecurity and Cryptography.Shared Autonomous VehiclesBest Researcher Award
DrReemAL-KaabiUniversity of BahrainBahrainCybersecurity Risk Management and GovernanceSecurity issues in e-government servicesBest Researcher Award
DrPhamPhuong NamLand ManagementVietnamOthersLand ManagementBest Researcher Award
DrAnthonyHodgsonH3UniUnited KingdomOthersCosmic EcologyBest Researcher Award
DrSabeenaKaziCollege of Computers and Information Sciences, Majmaah UniversitySaudi ArabiaOthersChemical Graph TheoryBest Researcher Award
DrJosphineHapazariNational University of LesothoLesothoOthersSexual violence against womenBest Researcher Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Domain Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


International Research Awards on Cybersecurity and Cryptography
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