Mr. Hailu Lemma, Indeginous knowledge Award, Best Innovation Award

Hailu Lemma at Bule Hora University, Ethiopia

Mr. Hailu Lemma is an experienced professional in the field of environmental health science with a strong background in education, research, and practical work. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Science and has dedicated his career to promoting public health through environmental interventions. With over seven years of professional experience, Mr. Lemma has served in various capacities, including as a licensing and inspecting officer for food, medicine, and healthcare-related institutions in Addis Ababa city administration. He has also held positions as the head of the vital event registration sector, where he managed vital event data and addressed political issues affecting the sector.

Currently, Mr. Lemma serves as an instructor in the Department of Environmental Health Science at Bule Hora University in Ethiopia. In this role, he is actively involved in teaching, conducting research, and providing community services related to environmental health issues. His research interests encompass a wide range of topics, including water quality and sanitation, air pollution and respiratory health, waste management, occupational health and safety, environmental epidemiology, climate change and health, and community health promotion. Through his work, Mr. Lemma is committed to advancing knowledge in environmental health science and contributing to the well-being of communities.



Mr. Hailu Lemma holds a degree in Environmental Health Science.

Professional Experience:

Mr. Hailu Lemma has a diverse professional experience spanning various sectors. He began his career as a Licensing and Inspecting Officer of food, medicine, and healthcare-related institutions at Wereda 05, Kolfe Keranio Sub City, Addis Ababa City Administration. In this role, he was responsible for licensing and inspecting establishments, promoting community health services through education, and addressing health-related issues such as waste management and pollution control. Following this, he served as the Head of the Vital Event Registration Sector at the same location, managing activities and ensuring the authenticity of vital event data. Currently, Mr. Lemma works as an Instructor at the Department of Environmental Health Science at Bule Hora University in the West Guji Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. In this capacity, he fulfills roles as an Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, and Department Head, delivering lectures, conducting community services, and undertaking research in environmental health science.

Research Interest:

Water Quality and Sanitation: Studying the quality of water sources, including drinking water, surface water, and groundwater, and exploring methods for improving sanitation practices to prevent waterborne diseases.

Air Pollution and Respiratory Health: Investigating the sources and impacts of air pollution on respiratory health, including assessing the effectiveness of interventions to reduce air pollution levels and mitigate health risks.

Waste Management: Researching sustainable waste management practices, including solid waste disposal, recycling, and composting, to minimize environmental pollution and public health hazards.

Occupational Health and Safety: Examining occupational hazards and health risks in various workplaces, developing strategies for promoting workplace safety, and evaluating the effectiveness of occupational health interventions.

Environmental Epidemiology: Conducting epidemiological studies to assess the relationship between environmental exposures and health outcomes, such as studying the health effects of exposure to pollutants or hazardous substances.

Climate Change and Health: Investigating the impacts of climate change on human health, including heat-related illnesses, vector-borne diseases, food security, and mental health, and exploring adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Community Health Promotion: Developing and implementing community-based interventions to promote environmental health awareness, behavior change, and sustainable practices within communities.

Environmental Policy and Governance: Analyzing environmental policies, regulations, and governance structures at local, national, and international levels to identify opportunities for improving environmental health outcomes and addressing emerging environmental challenges.

Publication Top Noted:

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Hailu Lemma | Indeginous knowledge Award | Best Innovation Award

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