Mrs. Melaku Desta, Midwifery Award, Best Researcher Award

melaku desta at Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

Mrs. Melaku Desta is a highly skilled and dedicated professional in the field of midwifery. With a Master of Science in Clinical Midwifery from Hawassa University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery from Debre Markos University, she has solid academic foundations. Mrs. Melaku’s passion for improving maternal and child health is evident through her extensive training and experience.

Currently serving as the Head of the Midwifery Department at Debre Markos University, Ethiopia, Mrs. Melaku plays a pivotal role in shaping the education and training of future midwives. Her responsibilities include curriculum development, research supervision, and community service project management.



Master of Science in Clinical Midwifery (MSC)

  • Educational Institution: Hawassa University, Ethiopia
  • Start Date: October 9, 2016
  • End Date: April 22, 2019
  • Course Grade: 3.57 out of 4 (89.25%)
  • Duration of Research Component: 6 months

Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery

  • Educational Institution: Debre Markos University, Ethiopia
  • Start Date: November 19, 2011
  • End Date: July 4, 2015
  • Course Grade: 3.91 out of 4 (98.25%)
  • Duration of Research Component: 6 months

Professional Experience:

Mrs. Melaku Desta boasts a rich and diverse professional experience in the field of midwifery, marked by her unwavering commitment to maternal and child health. With a Master of Science in Clinical Midwifery from Hawassa University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery from Debre Markos University, she has honed her skills and knowledge to become a seasoned practitioner and educator.

As the Head of the Midwifery Department at Debre Markos University, Mrs. Melaku oversees the strategic development and implementation of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Her leadership role involves designing comprehensive course schedules, ensuring adherence to curriculum standards, and spearheading the expansion of post-basic midwifery and clinical midwifery postgraduate programs. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in planning, executing, and evaluating research and community service projects at both departmental and university levels.

Prior to her current position, Mrs. Melaku served as an Assistant Professor at Debre Markos University, where she conducted groundbreaking research in maternal, reproductive, and child health. In this capacity, she provided invaluable mentorship to postgraduate and undergraduate students, guiding them through their research endeavors and fostering a culture of academic excellence. Her contributions also extended to curriculum development, where she actively participated in the design and implementation of midwifery education programs.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Melaku has demonstrated a profound dedication to improving healthcare outcomes for mothers and newborns. Her unwavering commitment to advancing the field of midwifery through education, research, and community engagement underscores her status as a respected leader and innovator in the healthcare sector.

Research Interest:

Mrs. Melaku Desta’s research interests center on advancing maternal and child health care through evidence-based practices and innovative solutions. With a focus on midwifery and reproductive health, she is dedicated to exploring various aspects of maternal and child health, including prenatal care, childbirth practices, postnatal care, and neonatal health. Additionally, she is passionate about investigating community-based approaches to healthcare delivery, aiming to improve access to quality care for underserved populations. Mrs. Melaku is also committed to enhancing midwifery education by researching effective teaching methods, curriculum development, and the integration of evidence-based practices into educational programs. Furthermore, she is interested in exploring innovations in midwifery practice and technologies that can improve the delivery of maternal and child health services. Through her research endeavors, Mrs. Melaku seeks to contribute to the advancement of maternal and child health care, ultimately striving to improve health outcomes for mothers and infants worldwide

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Melaku Desta | Midwifery Award | Best Researcher Award

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