Dr. Nitin Goyal, Traffic-Management Award, Excellence In Research

Doctorate at Central University of Haryana, India

Dr. Nitin Goyal is an accomplished academician and researcher with expertise in computer engineering and related fields. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from NIT, Kurukshetra, and has completed his M.Tech and B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University. With a strong background in academia, Dr. Goyal has served in various capacities, including as Assistant Professor at Central University of Haryana, Mahendragarh, and Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Palwal, among others.

His research interests span across areas such as soft computing, artificial intelligence, automation, cyber security, and machine learning. Dr. Goyal has received several accolades for his contributions, including being listed among the top researchers globally and receiving prestigious awards such as the InSc Young Achiever Award and the Best Researcher Award. He has also chaired sessions at international conferences and served as an editor for books on emerging technologies like IoT and augmented reality.



Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from NIT, Kurukshetra.

M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University.

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Nitin Goyal brings extensive professional experience to his role as an Assistant Professor at Central University of Haryana, Mahendragarh, where he has been serving since September 2022. Prior to this, he held positions at various esteemed institutions, including Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Palwal, Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, and S.J.P.M. Institute of Engineering and Technology. With a background in computer engineering, Dr. Goyal has contributed significantly to teaching, research, and academic leadership throughout his career. His expertise encompasses a wide range of areas within computer science and engineering, and he has actively engaged in mentoring students, conducting research, and participating in academic conferences and events. Through his commitment to excellence in education and research, Dr. Goyal continues to make valuable contributions to the field of computer engineering.

Research Interest:

Dr. Nitin Goyal’s research interests are diverse and span various domains within computer science and engineering. He is particularly interested in exploring the vast potential of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and their applications in different sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, and industrial automation. Additionally, Dr. Goyal focuses on advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to enhance decision-making processes, data analytics, and automation systems. Cybersecurity is another area of keen interest for him, where he investigates novel approaches to safeguarding networks, systems, and sensitive data from evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Dr. Goyal also delves into wireless sensor networks, communication protocols, and optimization algorithms to improve efficiency and reliability in wireless communication systems. Furthermore, he explores emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and robotics, aiming to develop innovative applications with real-world impact. Through his research endeavors, Dr. Goyal seeks to address contemporary challenges, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and technology in theseĀ  fields.

Publication Top Noted:

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Title: Data aggregation in underwater wireless sensor network: Recent approaches and issues

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  • Pages: Not specified
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Title: Energy Efficient Architecture for Intra and Inter Cluster Communication for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

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Title: Design and implementation of an ML and IoT based adaptive traffic-management system for smart cities

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Nitin Goyal | Traffic-Management Award | Excellence In Research

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