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Mr. Spyridon Bouzoukis, History, Best Researcher Award

Spyridon Bouzoukis at Leiden University, the Netherlands, Greece

Mr. Spyridon Bouzoukis is an ambitious scholar with a robust academic background in Modern and Contemporary Greek History. He earned his Master’s degree from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, where he achieved an excellent grade of 9.88/10, ranking 3rd out of 13 students. His thesis, titled “The Greek Foreign Policy and the Anglo-Egyptian Dispute, 1951-1954,” received the highest grade of 10/10. This work reflects his deep interest in political and diplomatic history, decolonization, and Cold War diplomacy, particularly focusing on nuclear diplomacy, atomic exhibitions, knowledge transfer, and nuclear culture. Mr. Bouzoukis is preparing to further his studies at Leiden University, Netherlands, specializing in “Politics, Culture and National Identities, 1789 to the Present.” His research proficiency is evident in his experience with both primary and secondary sources, and his adeptness at compiling databases and presenting research findings. During his internship at the Institute of Historical Research at the National Research Foundation, he contributed significantly to the project “Cultural mediators between Greece, France, and other European countries (1830-1974),” demonstrating his capability in historical research and database management.



Mr. Spyridon Bouzoukis completed his MA in Modern and Contemporary History and History of Art / Modern and Contemporary Greek History at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, from 2021 to 2023. He graduated with an excellent grade of 9.88/10, ranking 3rd out of 13. His thesis, supervised by Prof. Manolis Koumas, was titled “The Greek Foreign Policy and the Anglo-Egyptian Dispute, 1951-1954,” receiving a perfect score of 10/10. His MA studies focused on political and diplomatic history, with relevant courses including Political Crisis, Dictatorship, and Political Transition (1961-1981), Greek External Politics (1914-1991), and The Long Century of the Refugees (1922-2022). Previously, Mr. Bouzoukis earned his BA in History and Archaeology with a specialization in History from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens from 2017 to 2021, achieving a very good grade of 8.21/10. His coursework included Modern European History, Introduction to Global History, History of the Post-war World, and Modern Greek Political History.

Professional Experience:

Mr. Spyridon Bouzoukis has gained valuable professional experience through various roles and projects. In July and August 2021, he interned at the Institute of Historical Research / National Research Foundation. Selected to work on the Research Project “Cultural Mediators between Greece, France, and Other European Countries (1830-1974),” funded by the French School at Athens, he contributed significantly to creating a dynamic, open-access website. His tasks included researching and editing 392 entries of primary and secondary cultural mediators in the project’s database, “Heurist,” and conducting an independent research project on Aristotelis P. Kourtidis’ cultural mediation, which was accepted for publication. His responsibilities also involved updating, correcting, and managing data within the database, and collaborating with the project team to meet strict deadlines. This role honed his skills in research, database management, and teamwork.

Research Interest:

Mr. Spyridon Bouzoukis has a profound interest in exploring the nuances of science diplomacy during the Cold War, with a focus on nuclear diplomacy, atomic exhibitions, knowledge transfer, and nuclear culture. His previous research, which involved extensive use of both primary and secondary sources, has equipped him with a solid foundation in these areas. He is particularly keen on studying the interdisciplinary fields of decolonization and diplomacy, and the interactions between Greek, British, and Egyptian foreign policies during the early 1950s.

Research skills:

Mr. Spyridon Bouzoukis possesses a robust set of research skills honed through extensive academic and practical experience in the field of history. He is proficient in selecting, collecting, and working with both Greek and international primary and secondary source materials, employing modern methods and techniques to ensure a comprehensive and rigorous approach to research. His ability to analyze academic literature is exceptional, allowing him to identify research gaps, formulate reasonable research problems, and draw well-founded conclusions. Mr. Bouzoukis excels in presenting his research results through well-structured written and oral presentations, effectively communicating complex ideas to diverse audiences. His experience with material culture emphasizes the significance of objects in historical inquiry, integrating this approach into broader historical research. Additionally, he is skilled in developing research projects with thoroughness and attention to detail, managing databases for historical research, and constructing research essays and theses using both primary and secondary sources. These skills reflect his commitment to high-quality research and his capability to contribute significantly to the academic community.


Cold War dilemmas and regional interests: the acknowledgment of Egypt’s King, Farouk I, as ‘King of Egypt and Sudan’ by Greece (October 1951–August 1952)



Spyridon Bouzoukis | History | Best Researcher Award

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