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Mr. Xin Qian : Leading Researcher in Medical image application.

Chongqing University of Science and Technology, China.

Congratulations, Mr. Xin Qian, on winning the esteemed Excellence in Medical image application  Award from ResearchW! Your dedication, innovative research, and scholarly contributions have truly made a significant impact in your field. Your commitment to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research is commendable. Here’s to your continued success in shaping the future of academia and making invaluable contributions to your field. Well done!

Profile: Orcid

  • Jinggangshan University Network Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Chongqing University of Science and Technology Safety Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) (Master of Engineering)
Internship Experience
  • 2020-04 ~ 2020-07 Hunan Zhongke Information Technology Research Institute Research assistant
  • 2021-09 ~ 2022-06 Chongqing University of Science and Technology Postgraduate research assistant
  • 2022-09 ~ 2023-09 Graphics, Image and Data Analysis Research Laboratory, Chongqing University of Science and Technology Deep Learning Lead for Horizontal Projects
Personal Achievements
  • At present, he has published 4 journal papers
  • 1 SCI paper in the first district (one student + corresponding author)
  • 3 Chinese papers (1 first author +2 top three)
  • 6 SCI papers in review: among them
  • 1 student + corresponding author is reviewing 2 SCI papers (Region III)
  • 1 SCI paper is reviewing SCI papers as the first author (Region III)
  • 3 SCI papers are participating in the review (Region III)
  • Representative SCI papers (4 papers in total, supervisor: Professor Han Qi, Professor Zhang Ao, Professor Feng Liping, * as corresponding author)
  • And 4 invention patents and 1 software copyright


  1.  Qi Han, Xin Qian∗, Hongxiang Xua, Kepeng Wu, Lun Menga, Zicheng Qiu, Tengfei Weng. DM-CNN: Dynamic Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Networks with Uncertainty Quantification for Medical Image Classification [J]. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2023;(SCI- Accepted, IF:7.7; JCR Q1)
  2.  Xin Qian, Tengfei Weng*, Chen Wu, HongXiang Xu, Yuan Tian, Mingyang Hou,T Zicheng Qiu,. SPCB-Net: A multi-scale skin cancer image identification network using self-interactive attention pyramid and cross-layer bilinear-trilinear pooling [J]. IEEE ACCESS, 2023;(SCI- Under review,IF:3.9; JCR Q1)
  3.  Liping Feng, Xin Qian∗, Ziyi Pei, Tengfei Weng, Qi Han, Zicheng Qiu, Yuan Tian, Guanzhong Liang, Guoyan Meng and Yaojun Hao. A Multi-View Ensemble-Based Weakly Supervised Model for Skin Lesion Images Diagnosis in Dermoscopic Images [J]. Electronics,2023.(SCI- Under review,IF:2.9; JCR Q2)
  4.  Ao Zhang, Xin Qian∗, Chengcheng Xu, Jie Zhang. A Novel Artificial-Intelligence-Based Approach for Automatic Assessment of Retinal Disease Images using Multi-view Deep-Broad Learning Network[J]. IEEE ACCESS, 2023.(SCI- Under review, JCR Q1)

Invention patents :

  1. Medical image classification method based on feature fusion and attention mechanism; Han Qi, Qian Xin, WENG Tengfei, XU Hongxiang et al. (Acceptance and disclosure)
  2. Detection method of UAV high-altitude shooting image based on dynamic convolutional neural network; Tian Yuan, AO Zhenyu, Qian Xin, Fu Wenlong et al. (Acceptance and disclosure)
  3. Small target detection method of tiny lymph node image based on attention mechanism; Han Qi, XU Hongxiang, Qian Xin, PEI Yangjun et al. (Acceptance and disclosure) 4)
  4. Steel defect image segmentation method based on introducing frequency domain deep learning network; Tian Yuan, FU Wenlong, WU Kepeng, Qian Xin et al. (Acceptance and disclosure)

Software copyright:

  1.  Kangaroo shelf shopping software v1.0, Qian Xin. Registration number: 2020SR078073


May your efforts cultivate a future where the skies are not only filled with innovation but are also fortified against the challenges that technological progress may bring.

Wishing you continued success in your endeavors to secure the future of Medical image application and computer aided medical diagnosis.

Warm Regards,
Award Manager,
Cybersecurity Awards,
International Research Awards on Cybersecurity and Cryptography,



Xin Qian | Medical image application

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