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Doctorate at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Dr. Abebe Menberu is an experienced academic and professional with a wealth of expertise in teaching, research, and leadership roles. Since 1999, he has been serving as an Assistant Professor at Bahir Dar University, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the research ecosystem. His responsibilities included teaching accounting and business courses to undergraduate and graduate students, preparing teaching materials, advising students, and conducting research.

Menberu has made significant contributions to academia through his published research articles, covering topics such as business process re-engineering, financial education, and sustainable growth evaluation. His works have been featured in reputable journals and publications, showcasing his dedication to advancing knowledge in his field.



  • DBL (Doctor of Business Leadership), University of South Africa, November 2020
  • MBA, Addis Ababa University
  • BA, Addis Ababa University
Professional Experience
Assistant Professor, Bahir Dar University (1999 – Present):

Actively participated in establishing the research ecosystem at Bahir Dar University.

Responsibilities included teaching accounting and business courses to undergraduate and graduate students, preparing teaching materials, advising students on academic matters, and conducting research.

Achieved notable success with published research articles and ongoing research projects focused on various aspects of business and finance.

Business Process Reengineering Team Czar:

Supervised the reengineering teams’ activities on behalf of the University President.

Consulted on the change agenda of the University to the President of Bahir Dar University.

Designed various business processes, including plan, budget, finance, property procurement, and administration processes for Bahir Dar University, leading to successful implementation.

Plan, Budget, and Finance Head of Bahir Dar University (March 2009 – July 2010):

Supervised the planning, budgeting, and finance staff of the University.

Prepared strategic and operational plans for the University, ensuring effective financial management and compliance.

Provided policy recommendations on financial matters to support the institution’s growth and sustainability.

Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics (October 2004 – November 2007):

Oversaw the day-to-day activities of the faculty, including decision-making on hiring academic staff, equipment purchases, and financial matters.

Led the distance education initiatives of the Faculty of Business and Economics, fostering access to quality education.

Account Unit Head, Development Bank of Ethiopia (1995 – 1999):

Held a key role in the account unit, contributing to the financial management and operations of the Development Bank of Ethiopia.

Research Interest

Dr. Abebe Menberu’s research interests span a wide spectrum within the realms of business, finance, and organizational development. He is particularly intrigued by areas such as Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), where he delves into understanding its principles and practices and their implications on organizational efficiency. Additionally, he explores the intricacies of Financial Management, investigating topics like budgeting, investment analysis, and risk management. Dr. Menberu also focuses on Technology-Mediated Financial Education, evaluating how technology can enhance financial literacy and behavior, especially in developing nations. Furthermore, he studies Sustainable Growth and Development, with a keen interest in assessing strategies for sustainable growth within industries like aviation, exemplified by his evaluation of Ethiopian Airlines. Organizational Change and Development are also central to his research, where he examines the dynamics of change implementation and its impact on organizational culture. His work extends to analyzing Public Sector Reforms, Higher Education Management, and initiatives promoting Financial Inclusion and Economic Empowerment, reflecting his dedication to advancing knowledge and addressing contemporary challenges in these areas for the betterment of society.


“Technology-mediated financial education in developing countries: a systematic literature review”

  • Published in Cogent Business & Management in 2024.
  • This systematic literature review focuses on the role of technology in facilitating financial education in developing countries.
  • DOI: 10.1080/23311975.2023.2294879

“The Elements of Business Process Change”

  • Published in the Ethiopian Journal of Business and Economics in 2015.
  • Explores the fundamental elements involved in business process change.

“The ups and downs of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR): a tale of two offices in Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia.”

  • This chapter is part of the book titled “Thirty Years of Public Sector Reforms in Africa: Selected Country Experiences,” published in 2013.
  • Provides insights into the challenges and successes of implementing Business Process Re-engineering in specific offices within Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia.


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