Assoc Prof Dr. Soumaya Bouacida, Food Studies, Best Researcher Award

Fenta Assefa at University of 20th August 1955, Skikda, Algeria

Assoc Prof Dr. Soumaya Bouacida is a highly respected scholar in the field of English literature, known for her profound insights and contributions to literary studies. Holding a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Jordan, Dr. Bouacida’s academic journey began with a solid foundation in English language and literature, earning her both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Skikda, Algeria.



Ph.D. in English Literature

  • University: University of Jordan

M.A. in English Language and Literature

  • University: University of Skikda, Algeria

B.A. in English Language and Literature

  • University: University of Skikda, Algeria
Professional Experience

Assoc Prof Dr. Soumaya Bouacida has accumulated extensive professional experience in academia, specializing in English literature. Here is an overview of her professional journey:

Assistant Professor: Dr. Bouacida has held the position of Assistant Professor, where she has contributed significantly to the academic field through teaching, research, and mentorship.

Researcher: Throughout her career, Dr. Bouacida has engaged in research activities, publishing numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. Her research covers various topics within English literature, demonstrating her expertise and scholarly contributions to the field.

Conference Presenter: She has actively participated in international conferences, presenting her research findings and engaging with fellow scholars in academic discourse.

Editorial Roles: Dr. Bouacida may have served in editorial capacities for academic journals or publications, contributing to the peer-review process and shaping scholarly discourse within her field.

Mentorship and Advising: As an experienced academic, Dr. Bouacida likely provides mentorship and guidance to students pursuing degrees in English literature, offering support and encouragement in their academic and professional endeavors.

Research Interest

Postmodernism and Spatialization of Time: Dr. Bouacida may be interested in exploring the collapse of chronology and the spatialization of time in postmodern literature, examining how temporal concepts are represented and deconstructed in literary works.

Memory and Trauma Studies: Her research might focus on the intersection of memory and trauma in literature, particularly in relation to themes of identity, history, and personal narratives.

Cultural Identity and Representation: Dr. Bouacida may investigate how cultural identity is constructed and represented in literature, with a focus on marginalized or underrepresented voices and perspectives.

Literary Theory and Criticism: She may engage in theoretical inquiries into literary criticism, exploring different approaches and methodologies for analyzing and interpreting literary texts.

Comparative Literature: Dr. Bouacida’s research interests may extend to comparative literature, where she examines similarities and differences between literary works from different cultural, linguistic, or historical contexts.

Gender and Feminist Studies: She may explore gender dynamics, power relations, and feminist themes in literature, analyzing representations of gender identity, sexuality, and social constructs in literary texts.

Postcolonial Literature: Dr. Bouacida may be interested in postcolonial literature and theory, examining the legacies of colonialism, decolonization, and cultural hybridity in literature from postcolonial contexts.

Literary and Cultural Critique: Her research interests may include critical examinations of literary and cultural phenomena, addressing issues such as representation, ideology, and the politics of culture.


“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell who you are: a gastronomical reading of cultural identity in Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child”

  • Journal: Journal for Cultural Research (Article in Press), 2024
  • Co-author: Benhenda, Z.
  • Abstract: This article explores the theme of cultural identity in Toni Morrison’s novel “God Help the Child” through a gastronomical lens.

“The World as a Sequence of Present Moments: The Spatialization of Social Time in Don DeLillo’s White Noise”

  • Journal: Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literatures, 15(1), 2023
  • Co-author: Khawaldeh, S.
  • Abstract: This article examines the spatialization of social time in Don DeLillo’s novel “White Noise,” presenting the world as a sequence of present moments.

“Reading History across Space: The Room of Theories as a Web of Multiple Times in Don DeLillo’s Libra”

  • Journal: Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literatures, 14(3), 2022
  • Abstract: This article analyzes the representation of history across space in Don DeLillo’s novel “Libra,” focusing on the room of theories as a web of multiple times.

“Childhood is ‘not a story to pass on’: Trauma and memory paradox in Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child”

  • Journal: Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literatures, 13(3), 2021
  • Abstract: This article explores the theme of childhood trauma and memory paradox in Toni Morrison’s novel “God Help the Child.”

“Othello’s ‘travailous history’” (Review)

  • Journal: Critical Survey, 33(3-4), 2021
  • Co-authors: al-Khawaldeh, S., Zaidi, M.
  • Abstract: This review critically examines the portrayal of history in Shakespeare’s play “Othello.”


Soumaya Bouacida | Food Studies | Best Researcher Award

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