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Mr. Besmillah Daqiq, Online Harassment Effects, Best Researcher Award

Besmillah Daqiq at Takhar University, Afghanistan

Besmillah Daqiq is an experienced educator and researcher with a background in English language and literature. He holds a Master of Education in TESOL from Shaheed Pro. Rabbani Education University in Kabul, Afghanistan, and a Bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature from Takhar University. Throughout his career, Besmillah has been dedicated to teaching and academic research. He has served as an English instructor at the Afghan Women Welfare and Development Organization and later as an instructor at the English Department of Language and Literature Faculty at Takhar University. Besmillah is currently a senior lecturer at Takhar University, where he continues to contribute to the field of education. His research interests include exploring the impacts of English language proficiency on employment opportunities. Besmillah is also actively involved in volunteer services and has presented his work at various conferences. He possesses strong leadership, teaching, and communication skills and is fluent in English, Dari, and Pashto. Besmillah is passionate about facing challenges, learning new things, and making a positive impact in his community through education and research.


Master of Education in TESOL

  • Institution: Shaheed Pro. Rabbani Education University, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Duration: March 2017 – December 2018

B.A. in English Language & Literature

  • Institution: Takhar University, Takhar, Afghanistan
  • Duration: March 2009 – December 2012


  • Institution: Said Akramuddin Shahid High School, Takhar
  • Duration: March 1994 – December 200x (the specific year was not provided)


Courses & Trainings:

Afghan Junior Faculty Development Program (AJFDP)

  • Institution: Indiana University, U.S.A
  • Duration: January – March 2018

English, Computer & Management Administrative Reform

  • Institution: Civil Service Commission
  • Duration: January – June 2010

Ms Office Package

  • Institution: Adult Learning Center (ALC), Takhar
  • Duration: 2008 – 2009

English Language Program

  • Institution: Massoud Foundation, Takhar
  • Duration: 2008 – 2009

Work Experience:

English Instructor

  • Organization: Afghan Women Welfare and Development Organization, Takhar
  • Duration: January 1st, 2013 – January 1st, 2014


  • Department: English Department, Language and Literature Faculty, Takhar University
  • Duration: June 3rd, 2014 – December 2019

Current Research Project:

  • Investigating the Impacts of English Language Proficiency on Employment Opportunities

Volunteer Services:

  • Implemented anti-corruption awareness workshop financially supported by Afghan-U.S. Alumni Network for military and civil governmental staff in Takhar (January – February 2021)
  • Provided first aid services for Warsaj district residents under the Red Cross Directorate of Takhar (2005 – 2008)

Conference Presentations:

  1. “The Key Elements of Effective Teaching” – Indiana University (March 2018)
  2. “The Significance of Body Language Usage in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching” – Takhar University (January 2021)
  3. “Major Challenges of EFL Learners in English Language Learning” – Takhar University (December 2021)


  • Leadership, academic and educational research, teaching, translation, interpretation, training, reporting, and personal communication skills.

Language Skills:

  • Dari: Excellent (Reading, Writing, Speaking)
  • Pashto: Excellent (Reading), Very Good (Writing), Good (Speaking)
  • English: Excellent (Reading, Writing, Speaking)

Computer Skills:

  • Typing (English, Dari, and Pashtu)
  • Windows, Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint

Professional Experience:

Besmillah Daqiq has accumulated significant professional experience in the field of language education and instruction. His journey began as an English instructor at the Afghan Women Welfare and Development Organization in Takhar, where he imparted language skills to individuals seeking to enhance their proficiency. Subsequently, he transitioned to a role as an instructor at the English Department of the Language and Literature Faculty at Takhar University. In this capacity, Besmillah played a vital role in educating students in various aspects of English language and literature, including research methods, teaching methodology, conversation, academic writing, grammar, and reading.

Recognized for his expertise and leadership capabilities, Besmillah was appointed as the head of the English Department at Takhar University, where he assumed additional responsibilities in curriculum development, student mentoring, and administrative affairs. Currently, he serves as a senior lecturer at the English Department of the Language and Literature Faculty, continuing his dedication to delivering high-quality education and fostering academic excellence among students.

Throughout his professional journey, Besmillah has demonstrated a commitment to educational innovation, effective teaching practices, and student development. His wealth of experience encompasses curriculum design, lesson planning, student evaluation, research, and administrative coordination. Besmillah’s contributions have significantly impacted the academic landscape at Takhar University, where he continues to inspire and empower students through his passion for language education.

Research Interests:

Besmillah Daqiq’s research interests encompass various aspects of language education and proficiency. He is particularly interested in exploring the impacts of English language proficiency on employment opportunities, aiming to understand how language skills influence career advancement and success in diverse professional settings. Additionally, Besmillah is involved in research focused on effective teaching methods, with a specific emphasis on identifying key elements that contribute to successful language instruction and student engagement. He also investigates the significance of body language in foreign language learning and teaching, seeking to enhance language acquisition and communication skills. Furthermore, Besmillah examines the challenges encountered by English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners and works towards developing strategies to overcome these obstacles, ultimately aiming to improve language learning outcomes. Through his research endeavors, Besmillah strives to contribute to the advancement of language education and facilitate effective language learning experiences for students.


Title: Description of Anxiousness Pain: A Hesitation on the Anthropology of Molana

  • Publishing Journal: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies
  • Date of Publication: December 10, 2023

Title: Exploring Reasons of Code-Switching among EFL Learners: A Case Study of Takhar University of Afghanistan

  • Publishing Journal: Journal of Social and Humanities Sciences
  • Date of Publication: October 29, 2023

Title:Hey American! What Is Up?” At Risk Men’s Experiences Before and While Waiting for Evacuation Flights and After Returning Home

  • Publishing Journal: Journal of Human Rights and Social Work
  • Date of Publication: September 28, 2023

Title: Investigating Experiences of Afghan Female University Students towards Online Harassment

  • Publishing Journal: Cogent Social Sciences
  • Date of Publication: March, 2023

Title: Attitudes of Persian, Pashtun and Uzbek Parents toward Their Daughters in Learning English Language in Takhar-Afghanistan

  • Publishing Journal: International Journal of Social Sciences and Education Research
  • Date of Publication: January, 2021
Besmillah Daqiq | Online Harassment Effects | Best Researcher Award

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