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Prof. Haihui Xin, Safety Technology Management, Best Researcher Award

Professor at China University of Mining and Technology, China

Prof. Haihui Xin is a prominent scholar specializing in Safety Engineering and Safety Science and Engineering. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Safety Engineering from China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, followed by a Doctoral degree in Safety Science and Engineering from the same institution. Additionally, he pursued a program in Mining Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University, USA. Prof. Xin’s research focuses on the combustion characteristics of coal fires, rekindling phenomena, and organic residual pollution control. He has made significant contributions to the field, publishing numerous academic papers, securing patents, and winning prestigious awards for his scientific and technological advancements. His work not only enhances safety in coal mine production but also contributes to ecological environment management.



Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Institution: China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou
  • Major: Safety Engineering
  • Duration: September 2006 – June 2010

Doctoral Degree:

  • Institution: China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou
  • Major: Safety Science and Engineering
  • Duration: September 2010 – June 2016

Additional Education:

  • Institution: The Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Major: Mining Engineering
  • Duration: September 2014 – January 2016
  • Status: Completed

Professional Experience:

Prof. Haihui Xin has a rich professional experience spanning various roles in academia and research. He began his career as a young scholar, specializing in the combustion characteristics of coal fires, rekindling phenomena, and organic residual pollution control. Throughout his career, he has been actively engaged in frontline research and engineering projects related to coal fires and gangue management. His notable contributions include managing extensive fire areas and gangue mountains at Gushuyuan Coal Mine, where he applied innovative techniques and methodologies to ensure safety and environmental sustainability. Prof. Xin has authored and published over 80 academic papers in leading industry journals, demonstrating his expertise and commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. Additionally, he has successfully obtained numerous Chinese and international invention patents, showcasing his innovative approach to solving complex challenges in safety science and engineering. Prof. Xin’s achievements also extend to winning several provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards, recognizing his significant contributions to scientific advancement and practical solutions in the coal mining industry. In his role as a researcher and scholar, Prof. Xin has not only expanded the understanding of coal fire dynamics but has also developed practical strategies for prevention, control, and environmental protection. His dedication to research, coupled with his leadership in project management and academic excellence, makes him a distinguished figure in the field of safety engineering and environmental management.

Research Interest:

Coal Fire Dynamics: Investigating the mechanisms and dynamics of coal fires, including spontaneous combustion processes, rekindling phenomena, and the generation of hazardous gases.

Fire Prevention and Control: Developing advanced strategies and technologies for preventing coal fires, early detection systems, and efficient firefighting measures to minimize risks and damages.

Environmental Impact Assessment: Studying the environmental consequences of coal fires, including air and water pollution, soil degradation, and biodiversity impacts, and proposing mitigation measures.

Safety Engineering in Mining: Designing and implementing safety protocols, risk assessment methodologies, and safety management systems to ensure the well-being of mining personnel and the surrounding communities.

Technological Innovations: Exploring innovative solutions such as intelligent monitoring and control systems, robotics, and remote sensing applications for enhancing safety and efficiency in mining operations.

Sustainable Mining Practices: Promoting environmentally sustainable mining practices, waste management strategies, and rehabilitation techniques for post-mining landscapes.


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Title: Research on the wetting interface characteristics between water molecules and bituminous coal based on pore evolution and molecular dynamic theory

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Haihui Xin | Safety Technology Management | Best Researcher Award

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