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Dr. Nabaz Rasool, Biogas, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at Kya University, Iraq

Dr. Nabaz Rasool is an accomplished physicist with a robust academic background and extensive professional experience. He earned his B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Salahaddin, where he studied a range of subjects including mathematics, mechanics, materials science, computer science, and electricity. He furthered his education with an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, specializing in Mathematical Physics with a focus on quantum mathematics. Dr. Rasool has been actively engaged in the field of communication and network management at the Ministry of Communication since 2005. He has also contributed to the academic community by teaching physics at secondary and high school levels and by conducting research at various universities in Turkey. His research interests encompass quantum mechanics, electronics, nanotechnology, numerical methods, matrix theory, computer science, nuclear physics, and mathematical physics. Proficient in multiple languages, including Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, English, and Arabic, Dr. Rasool is known for his determination, teamwork, analytical skills, and ambitious nature.



Bachelor’s Degree: B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Salahaddin (2005-2009). Studied fields include Mathematics, Mechanics, Materials, Computer Science, and Electricity.

Master’s Degree: M.Sc. in Engineering Physics with a focus on Mathematical Physics (Quantum Mathematics) from an institution completed in 2011-2012. Studied fields include Symmetry in Molecules, Group Theory I and II, Theoretical Atomic Physics, Methods of Mathematical Physics I and II, and Computational Methods in Quantum Mechanics.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Nabaz Rasool has accumulated extensive professional experience across various sectors. Since 2005, he has been working in communication and network management at the Ministry of Communication. From 2009, he has been imparting his knowledge of physics by teaching the subject to secondary and high school students at Bnasillawa School. In 2008, he worked as a technician at Nawroz Telecom in Erbil City, gaining hands-on experience in the telecommunications field. Additionally, in 2010, he contributed to the IT department of a satellite channel, United Media. Dr. Rasool has also visited and conducted research at several universities in Turkey, including Kahramanmarash University, Diyarbakr University, and Orfa University, where he focused on various physics modules. His diverse professional background highlights his expertise in both practical and academic settings.

Research Interest:

Dr. Nabaz Rasool’s research interests are diverse and interdisciplinary, encompassing quantum mechanics, electronics, nanotechnology, numerical methods, matrix theory, computer science, nuclear physics, and mathematical physics. His work often delves into the theoretical and computational aspects of these fields, exploring topics such as symmetry in molecules, group theory, theoretical atomic physics, and computational methods in quantum mechanics. Dr. Rasool is particularly interested in the intersection of these domains, seeking to understand and apply complex mathematical frameworks to solve problems in physics and engineering. His research aims to contribute to advancements in both theoretical understanding and practical applications, particularly in areas related to quantum mechanics and nanotechnology.


Title: Analysis and optimizes of hybrid wind and solar photovoltaic generation system for off-grid small village

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Title: Techno-economic analysis to adopt a biogas plant for processing agricultural waste: a case study

  • Authors: NM Rasool, S Abbasoğlu, M Radmehr
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  • Volume: 46
  • Year: 2024

Title: An Approach to A Better Transition to Sustainable Transportation System: Case Study of Three Cities (Abuja, Kumasi & Erbil)

  • Authors: VO Adebayo, P Tettey, N Rasool, TS Uyar
  • Year: 2020


Nabaz Rasool | Biogas | Best Researcher Award

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