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Mr. Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes | Women Health | Best Researcher Award

Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes at Dilla University, Ethiopia


Mr. Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes is an accomplished healthcare professional specializing in midwifery, epidemiology, and maternity and reproductive health nursing. He earned his BA degree in Midwifery from Debre Berhan University in 2009, followed by an MSc in Epidemiology from the same university in 2023. Currently, he is a fellow in the MSc program for Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing at Addis Ababa University, with an expected graduation date of July 2024. Mr. Abrham has extensive professional experience, having worked at Black Lion Specialized Hospital and served as a lecturer at Dilla University for four years. He has also taught at several private health science colleges over the past five years. His research interests and professional contributions have earned him numerous certifications and awards, including recognition as a top scorer at Debre Berhan University and participation in various volunteer service programs. Fluent in both Amharic and English, Mr. Abrham is committed to advancing maternal and reproductive health through his work in academia, research, and community service. His dedication to his field is reflected in his diverse qualifications and extensive practical experience.



Mr. Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes has pursued a comprehensive and distinguished educational journey in the healthcare field. He completed his BA degree in Midwifery from Debre Berhan University in 2009, which laid the foundation for his career in maternal and child health. Building on this, he earned an MSc in Epidemiology from the same university in 2023, equipping him with advanced knowledge and skills in public health research and practice. Currently, Mr. Abrham is a fellow in the MSc program for Maternity and Reproductive Health Nursing at Addis Ababa University, with his graduation anticipated in July 2024. His educational background reflects a strong commitment to enhancing his expertise and contributing to the field of maternal and reproductive health.

Professional Experience:

Mr. Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes possesses a wealth of professional experience in the healthcare sector, demonstrating his dedication to maternal and reproductive health. He commenced his career at Black Lion Specialized Hospital, where he gained valuable hands-on experience in midwifery over a span of two years. Transitioning into academia, Mr. Abrham served as a lecturer at Dilla University for four years, imparting his knowledge in midwifery and epidemiology to aspiring healthcare professionals. He further contributed to the field by teaching at various private health science colleges, including St. Lideta Health Science College, Seven Star Health Science College, Keamed Health Science College, Ayertena Health Science College, and Rift Valley University Abichu and Yeka Campus, accumulating five years of teaching experience. His professional journey underscores his commitment to education, research, and community health initiatives, highlighting his role in shaping future healthcare leaders and advancing maternal and reproductive healthcare practices in Ethiopia.

Research Interests:

Mr. Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes’ research interests are focused on addressing critical issues in maternal and reproductive health, leveraging his expertise in midwifery, epidemiology, and nursing.

Maternal Health: Mr. Abrham is committed to researching interventions that can reduce maternal mortality and improve maternal health outcomes. His interests span areas such as safe childbirth practices, prenatal care interventions, and the impact of maternal health policies on health outcomes.

Reproductive Health: He explores topics related to reproductive health, including family planning, contraception, adolescent reproductive health, and reproductive rights. His research aims to promote reproductive health equity and access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services.

Epidemiology in Maternal and Reproductive Health: With a strong background in epidemiology, Mr. Abrham investigates the epidemiological factors influencing maternal and reproductive health issues. He employs epidemiological methods to study disease patterns, risk factors, and the effectiveness of health interventions.

Healthcare Systems and Delivery: He is interested in evaluating healthcare systems and delivery models that impact maternal and reproductive health services. His research includes examining healthcare access barriers, healthcare utilization patterns, and the effectiveness of healthcare interventions.

Through his research endeavors, Mr. Abrham aims to contribute evidence-based insights that inform policy, improve healthcare practices, and ultimately contribute to better maternal and reproductive health outcomes locally and globally. His interdisciplinary approach integrates clinical insights with epidemiological research methods to address complex healthcare challenges in his field of expertise.


Mr. Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes has been recognized for his academic achievements and contributions to various professional and volunteer initiatives. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Midwifery from Debre Berhan University on July 2, 2017, followed by his Masters in Epidemiology from the same university on July 18, 2023. He has been honored with a Certificate of Appreciation for being one of the top scorers at Debre Berhan University in 2017 and has participated actively in programs such as the Anti-Corruption Directorate in 2017 and summer-time free service programs at Enat Hospital in 2015 and 2016. In 2018, Mr. Abrham earned certification in PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission), demonstrating his commitment to improving maternal and child health outcomes. His dedication to research is underscored by certifications in Comprehensive Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Grant Writing, achieved through collaboration with the World Health Organization and Addis Ababa University in 2023. Furthermore, he received a Certificate of Participation in a volunteer service program organized by Black Lion Specialized Hospital and was awarded a certificate from Covidence for proficiency in data screening and extraction software for systematic review and meta-analysis. These awards and certifications highlight Mr. Abrham’s multifaceted contributions to healthcare, research, and community service.





Abrham Tesfaye Habteyes | Women Health | Best Researcher Award

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