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Mr. Mulugeta Kasaw | Human Factors | Best Researcher Award

Bahir Dar at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Mulugeta Kasaw Feleke, an Ethiopian national, holds a Master’s degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Gondar, Ethiopia, with an impressive CGPA of 3.81, earned in 2022. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the same institution, achieving a CGPA of 3.75 in 2013. Currently serving as a Lecturer in Medical Biochemistry at Bahir Dar University since November 2022, he previously held positions as an Assistant Lecturer and Graduate Assistant at the same institution. Prior to his academic roles, Kasaw served as a Senior Technical Assistant at the Energy Centre, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology. Fluent in both Amharic and English, Kasaw is adept at teaching, conducting research, and providing community service.



Mr. Mulugeta Kasaw pursued his educational journey with a strong focus on biochemistry and chemistry. He obtained his M.Sc. Degree in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Gondar, Ethiopia, achieving an impressive CGPA of 3.81 in 2022. Prior to this, he earned his B.Sc. Degree in Chemistry from the same university in 2013, demonstrating a high level of academic excellence with a CGPA of 3.75. These educational achievements reflect his dedication to the field of science and his commitment to academic excellence. With a solid foundation in biochemistry and chemistry, Mr. Kasaw is well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to research, teaching, and community service in his field.

Professional Experience

Mr. Mulugeta Kasaw has accumulated valuable professional experience in various academic and technical roles. From November 2022 to the present, he serves as a Lecturer in Medical Biochemistry at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, within the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Medicine. In this capacity, he is responsible for delivering high-quality teaching, conducting research, and engaging in community service activities. Previously, from July 2019 to November 2022, Mr. Kasaw worked as an Assistant Lecturer in Medical Biochemistry at the same university, where he continued to excel in teaching, research, and community engagement. Prior to this, he served as a Graduate Assistant-II in Medical Biochemistry and as a Senior Technical Assistant at Bahir Dar University, gaining experience in supporting students, faculty, and researchers while contributing to various research initiatives. Through these roles, Mr. Kasaw has demonstrated his expertise and commitment to advancing the field of biochemistry.

Research Interest

Mr. Mulugeta Kasaw’s research interests span various aspects of biochemistry, predominantly focusing on medical applications. His pursuits include investigating biochemical mechanisms of diseases to uncover potential therapeutic targets, discovering novel biomarkers for early disease detection and diagnosis, and evaluating the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical compounds and traditional remedies. Additionally, he explores the impact of dietary components on health and disease, aiming to address malnutrition and promote optimal nutrition. In the realm of clinical biochemistry, Mr. Kasaw develops and validates biochemical assays for clinical diagnostics and disease monitoring. Through his multidisciplinary approach, he strives to advance knowledge in biochemistry and contribute to improving healthcare outcomes, particularly in his community and beyond.



Mulugeta Kasaw | Human Factors | Best Researcher Award

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