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Mr. Melsew Alie | Cybersecurity Education | Crypto Innovate Achievement Award

Cybersecurity Education and Training at Mizan Tepi University, Ethiopia

Melsew Setegn Alie is a dedicated public health professional with a strong academic background and extensive experience in research and teaching. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Health with a focus on reproductive health, complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. Melsew has demonstrated his commitment to continuous learning through various training programs, including those in statistical analysis software, implementation research, and effective teaching skills. As a lecturer at Mizan Tepi University, Melsew plays a vital role in educating and mentoring medical and health science students. He is actively involved in conducting research, with a particular interest in reproductive health, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. Melsew’s dedication to community service has been recognized through awards for his outstanding contributions. With a passion for improving healthcare delivery and addressing public health challenges, Melsew strives to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of communities in Ethiopia and beyond.



Mr. Melsew Alie pursued his education with dedication and achieved notable accomplishments in the field of public health. He obtained his Master of Public Health (MPH) in Reproductive Health from Jimma University, Ethiopia, with an impressive grade of 3.88 out of 4.0. During this program, which spanned from October 9, 2018, to September 17, 2020, Melsew engaged in a comprehensive curriculum comprising both coursework and research, with a particular focus on reproductive health issues. Prior to his MPH, he completed his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Public Health at Mizan Tepi University, Ethiopia, where he maintained a commendable grade point average of 3.53 out of 4.0. This undergraduate program, which ran from November 12, 2013, to July 28, 2017, equipped Melsew with foundational knowledge in public health and provided opportunities for research and practical application of his learning.

Professional Experience

Melsew Alie has built a rich professional experience profile, primarily focusing on academia, community service, and public health practice. He commenced his career as a Lecturer at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Mizan Tepi University, Ethiopia, on September 20, 2017. In this role, he delivers lectures, provides coaching and mentoring to medical and health science students, conducts research, and engages in community service activities. Additionally, Melsew serves as a member of the Community-Based Education Committee at Mizan Tepi University since September 14, 2020, where he monitors, trains, advises, and assures the development of university-community collaboration initiatives. Furthermore, he took on the role of Reproductive Health and Nutrition Unit Coordinator at the college, overseeing learning and teaching processes in reproductive and nutrition units since June 20, 2021. Moreover, Melsew contributed as an HIV Service Specialist at Progynist Non-Government Organization, where he supervised, coached, and mentored Community Engagement Facilitators (CEFs) and Community Resource Persons (CRPs) while engaging in discussions with stakeholders on USAID Family-Focused HIV projects starting from December 22, 2021.

Research Interest

Melsew Alie’s research interests span across various facets of public health and medical science. He is particularly intrigued by topics related to reproductive health, nutrition, and HIV/AIDS. His research pursuits delve into understanding the complexities of reproductive health issues, exploring strategies for improving nutritional outcomes, and investigating innovative approaches for HIV prevention and treatment. Additionally, Melsew exhibits a keen interest in community-based research, focusing on addressing health disparities and promoting well-being at the grassroots level. Through his research endeavors, he aims to contribute to the body of knowledge in public health, ultimately striving to inform evidence-based interventions and policies that enhance health outcomes and quality of life for individuals and communities.

Award and Honors

Melsew Alie has been recognized with prestigious awards for his remarkable contributions to public health and academia. Notably, he received the Best Community Service Provider Award from Jimma University in 2020, acknowledging his exceptional dedication to community outreach and public health initiatives in Jimma town. Additionally, he was honored for his Effective Teaching Skills by USAID, Jhpiego, and Mizan Tepi University in 2017, highlighting his exemplary abilities in teaching and mentoring health science students. These accolades reflect Melsew’s commitment to excellence and his significant impact on both academic and community spheres.

Research Skills

Melsew Alie possesses a diverse range of research skills essential for conducting rigorous and impactful studies in public health and related fields. These skills include proficiency in statistical analysis software such as SPSS, STATA, and Epidata, enabling him to effectively manage and analyze research data. He has also received specialized training in R-Software, enhancing his capabilities in advanced statistical analysis and data visualization. Furthermore, Melsew has expertise in conducting implementation research for primary healthcare, acquired through training from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. This expertise enables him to design and implement research projects aimed at improving healthcare delivery and outcomes at the community level. Additionally, his training in qualitative research methods equips him with the necessary tools to explore complex social and behavioral determinants of health. Overall, Melsew’s comprehensive research skills enable him to make meaningful contributions to the field of public health and address critical health challenges facing communities.


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Melsew Alie | Cybersecurity Education | Crypto Innovate Achievement Award

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