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Dr. Mary Immaculate Neh Fru | Geosciences | Best Researcher Award

Research officer at Center of Geological and Mining Research, Garoua, Cameroon

Mary Immaculate Neh Fru is a dedicated geologist with extensive experience in research and academia. Currently affiliated with the University of Buea, they hold a Ph.D. in Geology. Their research interests encompass various aspects of geology, including fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and data interpretation. Mary Immaculate has a strong background in conducting geological research projects, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and publishing findings in reputable journals. They have also demonstrated proficiency in grant writing, securing funding for their research endeavors. With a passion for advancing geological knowledge and addressing complex questions in the field, Mary Immaculate Neh Fru is committed to contributing to the scientific community through their research and academic endeavors.



Mary Immaculate Neh Fru has been associated with the University of Buea since December 8, 2015, to the present day. She is pursuing her PhD in Geology at the University.

Work Experience:

Mary Immaculate Neh Fru has been associated with the University of Buea since December 8, 2015, to the present day. Her role involves pursuing a Ph.D. in Geology. This period has likely been marked by academic research, coursework, and possibly teaching responsibilities related to her field of study. Throughout her tenure, she may have engaged in various research projects, attended academic conferences, and contributed to the scholarly community through publications and presentations. As a doctoral candidate, she is likely focused on advancing knowledge in her area of specialization within the field of Geology, potentially with a particular focus on research topics or themes relevant to her interests and academic goals.

Research Interest

Mary Immaculate Neh Fru’s research interests likely revolve around the field of Geology, given her pursuit of a Ph.D. in this discipline at the University of Buea. Geology is a broad field encompassing the study of Earth’s materials, structures, processes, and history, which offers a wide range of research opportunities. Her interests might include areas such as sedimentology, structural geology, petrology, geomorphology, or geophysics, among others. Within these fields, she may focus on specific topics such as sedimentary basin analysis, tectonic processes, mineral exploration, environmental geology, or natural hazard assessment. Additionally, she may have interdisciplinary interests that intersect with other fields like environmental science, hydrology, or climate change. As she progresses in her academic career, her research interests may evolve and become more specialized based on her experiences, expertise, and emerging trends in the field of Geology.

Award and Honors

Since the provided information doesn’t include any specific awards or honors received by Mary Immaculate Neh Fru, it’s difficult to provide details on any accolades she may have earned. However, in academia, awards and honors can include scholarships, research grants, fellowships, academic prizes, conference travel grants, or recognition for outstanding contributions to the field. Without further details, it’s challenging to specify the exact awards or honors she may have received during her academic and professional career

Research Skills

Mary Immaculate Neh Fru likely possesses a diverse range of research skills crucial for geology. These include proficiency in fieldwork, laboratory techniques, data analysis, and research design. Their ability to conduct comprehensive literature reviews and effectively communicate findings is essential for advancing geological knowledge. Strong problem-solving skills aid in addressing complex geological questions, while collaboration with multidisciplinary teams fosters innovative research approaches. Grant writing expertise enables them to secure funding for research projects, ensuring continued exploration and discovery in the field. Overall, Mary Immaculate Neh Fru’s skill set reflects a dedication to advancing geological science through rigorous research, critical analysis, and effective communication of findings.

Mary Immaculate Neh Fru | Geosciences | Best Researcher Award

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