Dr. Nagaraj Nandihalli | Biometrics | Best Researcher Award

Research Fellow at Biometrics, Ames National Lab, United States

Dr. Nagaraj Nandihalli is a highly accomplished researcher in the field of materials science, with a focus on thermoelectric materials, semiconductors, and nanomaterials. Their expertise includes thin film deposition techniques, thermal conductivity measurements, and the synthesis and characterization of various materials. Dr. Nandihalli has held prestigious research positions at institutions such as the Ames National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, NIMS in Japan, and universities in Taiwan and Korea. They have received several awards for their research contributions, including the IAAM Scientist Award and IAAM Fellow title. Dr. Nandihalli’s commitment to excellence is further demonstrated through their membership in the Royal Society of Chemistry. Their research and academic achievements underscore their significant contributions to the field of materials science.

Professional Profiles


Dr. Nagaraj Nandihalli is actively engaged in various academic editorial roles, contributing significantly to the advancement of research in energy, materials, coatings, and related fields. Serving as an Academic Editor on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Energy Research (IJER) by Wiley-Hindawi in the UK since January 2022, Dr. Nandihalli plays a crucial role in shaping the journal’s content and direction. Additionally, as a Guest Editor for Recent Progress in Materials by LiDSen Publishing Inc., USA, and Coatings by MDPI, Switzerland, since December 2023 and January 2022, respectively, Dr. Nandihalli oversees special issues, ensuring the publication of high-quality research in these areas. Furthermore, Dr. Nandihalli serves as a Section Editor on the Editorial Board of Green Electricity (Solar and Low Energy Architecture) by Nano Carbons, Academic Publishing Pte Ltd., Singapore, since April 2023, further highlighting their commitment to advancing knowledge in sustainable energy and architecture. Dr. Nandihalli’s dedication to academic excellence is evident in their role as a reviewer, having reviewed 241 manuscripts for 41 international journals since September 2018, contributing significantly to the peer-review process and the dissemination of quality research in their field.

Programing Skills:

Dr. Nagaraj Nandihalli possesses a diverse skill set in programming and instrumentation, enabling them to excel in their research and academic endeavors. Proficient in Microsoft Office, Origin Labs, Endnote, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, LaTeX software for Windows and Macs, Maple, ImageJ, MATLAB, LABVIEW, and Python, Dr. Nandihalli demonstrates versatility in utilizing various software tools for data analysis and presentation. In terms of instrumentation and characterization techniques, Dr. Nandihalli has expertise in thin film deposition techniques, including pulsed laser deposition (PLD), sputtering, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), co-evaporation method, electrochemical deposition, and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). They are also skilled in E-beam lithography of various inorganic compounds. Additionally, Dr. Nandihalli is experienced in thermal conductivity and specific heat measurement using the Hot Disk transient plane source (TPS) method. They are proficient in operating the ULVACRIKO-ZEM3 four-probe system for measuring electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient. Dr. Nandihalli is also familiar with the maintenance and repair of the Anter Flashline 3000 for thermal diffusivity measurement. Their expertise in programming and instrumentation underscores their proficiency in conducting research and contributing to advancements in their field.

Professional Work experience:

Dr. Nagaraj Nandihalli has an extensive research background, having served in various prestigious institutions around the world. As a Research Fellow at the Ames National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, from June 2022 to June 2023, Dr. Nandihalli focused on extracting lithium from spodumene using hydrometallurgical reactions and worked on rare earth materials extraction. Prior to this, as a Research Fellow at NIMS, Japan, from September 2020 to January 2022, they processed semiconducting materials for sensors and detectors, conducted independent research on thermoelectric nanomaterials, and investigated the applications of Effective media approximations to estimate Kapitza resistance of various thermoelectric materials. Their research experience also includes serving as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Physics, NCUE, Changhua City, Taiwan, from July 2018 to July 2020, where they conducted independent research on Zn/Na doped PbTe materials, synthesized bulk InSb, characterized thermoelectric and semiconducting properties, and performed energy gap calculations. Additionally, as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, from January 2017 to February 2018, Dr. Nandihalli fabricated PbTe-based segmented thermoelectric devices, coated Ni on devices using an electrochemical process, and measured the contact resistance of thermoelectric devices.

Awards and Honors:

Dr. Nagaraj Nandihalli has received recognition for their outstanding contributions in the field of materials science, including the IAAM Scientist Award and the IAAM Fellow title from the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) in Sweden in April 2023. Their research excellence has also been acknowledged through Best Poster Awards at the Canadian Chemistry Conference in Quebec and Calgary, Canada, in June 2013 and June 2014, respectively. Dr. Nandihalli’s professional affiliations include membership in the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) since June 2022, highlighting their commitment to advancing the field and collaborating with peers on a global scale. These honors, awards, and memberships underscore Dr. Nandihalli’s dedication to research excellence and leadership in the field of materials science.


Polymer based thermoelectric nanocomposite materials and devices: Fabrication and characteristics Authors: N Nandihalli, CJ Liu, T Mori Journal: Nano Energy Citations: 210 Year: 2020

Energy‐Saving Pathways for Thermoelectric Nanomaterial Synthesis: Hydrothermal/Solvothermal, Microwave‐Assisted, Solution‐Based, and Powder Processing Authors: N Nandihalli, DH Gregory, T Mori Journal: Advanced Science Citations: 59 Year: 2022

More than half reduction in price per watt of thermoelectric device without increasing the thermoelectric figure of merit of materials Authors: J Hwang, H Kim, D Wijethunge, N Nandihalli, Y Eom, H Park, J Kim Journal: Applied Energy Citations: 24 Year: 2017

Thermoelectric properties of composites made of Ni0. 05Mo3Sb5. 4Te1. 6 and fullerene Authors: N Nandihalli, A Lahwal, D Thompson, TC Holgate, TM Tritt Journal: Journal of Solid State Chemistry Citations: 24 Year: 2013

Thermoelectric films and periodic structures and spin Seebeck effect systems: Facets of performance optimization Author: N Nandihalli Journal: Materials Today Energy Citations: 23 Year: 2022

Effects of additions of carbon nanotubes on the thermoelectric properties of Ni0. 05Mo3Sb5. 4Te1. 6 Authors: N Nandihalli, S Gorsse, H Kleinke Journal: Journal of Solid State Chemistry Citations: 22 Year: 2015

Effect of addition of SiC and Al2O3 refractories on Kapitza resistance of antimonide-telluride Authors: N Nandihalli, T Mori, H Kleinke Journal: AIP Advances Citations: 15 Year: 2018

Thermoelectric Properties of Ni0.05Mo3Sb5.4Te1.6 with Embedded SiC and Al2O3 Nanoparticles Authors: N Nandihalli, Q Guo, S Gorsse, AU Khan, T Mori, H Kleinke Journal: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Citations: 10 Year: 2016

High efficient nanostructured PbSe0.5Te0.5 exhibiting broad figure-of-merit plateau Authors: N Nandihalli, D Wijethunge, K Kim, J Kim, C Gayner Journal: Journal of Alloys and Compounds Citations: 9 Year: 2019

Imprints of interfaces in thermoelectric materials Author: N Nandihalli Journal: Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences Citations: 8 Year: 2023


Nagaraj Nandihalli | Biometrics | Best Researcher Award

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