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Dr. Pfuurai Chimbunde, key Infrastructure Development, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at University of the Free State, South Africa

Dr. Pfuurai Chimbunde holds a Ph.D. in Social Science Education from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (2020). He also earned an M.Ed. from Great Zimbabwe University (2014), a B.Ed. from Masvingo State University (2005), and a Diploma in Education from the University of Zimbabwe. His research interests focus on Curriculum Issues, Gender Issues, Teacher Education, and Social Justice Education. With over 24 years of experience in the education sector, Dr. Chimbunde has published 30 academic articles, including multiple pieces in high-impact journals. He has worked as a schoolteacher, school head, part-time lecturer, and full-time lecturer at various schools, colleges, and universities in Zimbabwe. Currently, he serves as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of the Free State, South Africa. His achievements include receiving the 2023 ETR & D Cultural and Regional Perspectives Outstanding Journal Article Award and several University Book Prizes for his academic degrees.



PhD in Social Science Education

  • Institution: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Duration: 2017 – 2019

M.Ed. in Sociology

  • Institution: Great Zimbabwe University
  • Duration: 2013 – 2014

B.Ed. (Primary) Social Studies

  • Institution: Masvingo State University
  • Duration: 2004 – 2005

Diploma in Education

  • Institution: University of Zimbabwe
  • Duration: 1997 – 1999

Professional Experience:

Dr. Pfuurai Chimbunde has over 24 years of extensive experience in the education sector, having held various positions across schools, colleges, and universities in Zimbabwe. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of the Free State, South Africa, where he conducts innovative research in Social Science Education and co-authors publication outputs. Prior to this role, he served as a Lecturer at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University from 2021 to March 2023, where he taught lectures, engaged in active research, and coordinated research programs. From 2018 to 2021, he lectured under the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation, Science, and Development, focusing on educational sociology and supervising student research projects. Dr. Chimbunde also served as a part-time lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University between 2015 and 2020, delivering lectures to B.Ed., PGDE, and M.Ed. students and supervising research projects. His career began in primary and secondary education, where he worked as a schoolteacher and later as a school head from 2000 to 2017, overseeing various academic and administrative functions, including teaching, staff supervision, financial management, and resource mobilization.

Research Interest:

Dr. Pfuurai Chimbunde’s research interests encompass a broad range of topics within the field of Social Science Education. He is particularly focused on Curriculum Issues, exploring how curricula can be developed and adapted to meet the needs of diverse educational environments. Gender Issues are also a significant area of interest, with Dr. Chimbunde examining how gender dynamics influence educational outcomes and experiences. Additionally, he is deeply engaged in Teacher Education, investigating best practices for training and supporting educators. His commitment to Social Justice Education drives his research on creating equitable and inclusive educational opportunities for all students. Through his extensive research, Dr. Chimbunde aims to contribute to the development of more effective and fair educational systems.


Representation of the Zimbabwean 2015-2022 Social Studies Curriculum: Teachers’ Perspectives on Challenges and “Ubuntulising” Curriculum Change and Implementation

  • Authors: P. Chimbunde, M. C. Kgari-Masondo
  • Affiliation: University of the Free State
  • Cited By: 13
  • Year: 2020

Progress of an African Student during Covid-19 and Beyond in Higher Education: Re-colonisation of Decolonisation?

  • Authors: M. C. Kgari-Masondo, P. Chimbunde
  • Journal: Perspectives in Education
  • Volume: 39
  • Issue: 1
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Decolonising Curriculum Change and Implementation: Voices from Social Studies Zimbabwean Teachers

  • Authors: P. Chimbunde, M. C. Kgari-Masondo
  • Journal: Yesterday and Today
  • Pages: 1-22
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  • Year: 2021

Curriculum Change and Teachers’ Representations of Challenges: The Case of the Social Studies Curriculum in Zimbabwe

  • Authors: P. Chimbunde, M. C. Kgari-Masondo
  • Journal: Curriculum Perspectives
  • Volume: 41
  • Issue: 1
  • Pages: 35-45
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  • Year: 2021

Redesigning Teacher Education in the Wake of Covid-19 and Future Emergencies

  • Author: P. Chimbunde
  • Journal: Journal of Research in Higher Education
  • Volume: 5
  • Issue: 1
  • Pages: 70-95
  • Cited By: 7
  • Year: 2021

Funding the Online Teaching and Learning in Developing Countries: Insights from Zimbabwe

  • Author: P. Chimbunde
  • Journal: Educational Technology Research and Development
  • Volume: 71
  • Issue: 2
  • Pages: 753-766
  • Cited By: 6
  • Year: 2023


Pfuurai Chimbunde | key Infrastructure Development | Best Researcher Award

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