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Ms. Xingsi Di, Financial Law, CyberGuard Excellence Award

Xingsi Di at Guangzhou University, China

Ms. Xingsi Di is a highly accomplished legal scholar and researcher specializing in Financial Law, Comparative Law, and Law & Technology. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Law at Hong Kong University, where her dissertation focuses on “Regulating Robo-advisors – the Role of Fiduciary Duties.” She has earned recognition as a Research Postgraduate Fellow at the Asia Institute of International Financial Law and has been awarded the Hong Kong Postgraduate Scholarship. Ms. Di holds a Master of Law from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, where she conducted significant research on the renewal system of construction land use rights in the People’s Republic of China. Her academic journey began with a Bachelor of Law from the China University of Political Science and Law, where she was honored as an Outstanding Undergraduate of Beijing and received multiple academic scholarships. Her extensive research experience includes contributions to major projects funded by the PRC Supreme Court, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the State Grid, and the Macao Foundation. Additionally, she has worked on numerous legal studies and policy suggestions, particularly in the areas of data docking on online trading platforms, energy storage industry legal issues, and legal governance on robo-advisors.



Ph.D. in Law (Expected July 2023)

Master of Law (June 2019)

Bachelor of Law (June 2017)

Professional Experience:

Ms. Xingsi Di has a rich and diverse professional experience across various legal and research roles. She served as a Senior Legal Researcher at HUYA Inc., where she contributed valuable insights and expertise to the legal council of the Latin American region. Her responsibilities included legal analysis, compliance oversight, and providing strategic legal guidance. Transitioning to SHENZHEN LENZE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ms. Di assumed the role of Legal Director, demonstrating her leadership skills and legal acumen in overseeing legal affairs for the company. She played a key role in developing legal strategies, managing contracts, and ensuring regulatory compliance within the organization. At Tencent Research Institution, Ms. Di served as a Research Assistant, where she engaged in cutting-edge legal research projects related to technology, data governance, and regulatory frameworks. Her contributions significantly influenced the institution’s understanding of legal challenges in the digital age. During her tenure as an Intern at Dentons Law Firm, Ms. Di gained valuable experience in foreign affairs and legal practice, honing her skills in international law, negotiations, and client representation. Her professional journey also includes internships at Hyundai Capital Limited Company and Grandall Law Firm, where she gained practical insights into legal and compliance practices in corporate settings. Ms. Xingsi Di’s professional experience reflects her versatility, expertise in legal research, and a strong commitment to contributing meaningfully to the legal profession.

Research Interest:

Financial Law: Ms. Di delves into the intricacies of financial regulations, exploring topics such as securities law, banking regulations, and financial market structures. Her research aims to enhance understanding and propose innovative solutions in the dynamic landscape of financial law.

Comparative Law: With a keen interest in comparative legal studies, Ms. Di conducts research comparing legal systems, practices, and regulations across different jurisdictions. This includes analyzing legal frameworks in varying cultural, economic, and political contexts.

Law & Technology: Given the rapid advancements in technology, Ms. Di’s research in this area focuses on the legal implications of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and data privacy. She investigates regulatory challenges and the impact of technology on legal systems.

Regulatory Compliance: Ms. Di explores regulatory compliance issues across industries, emphasizing the importance of adherence to legal frameworks and standards. Her research aims to identify best practices in compliance management and promote regulatory efficiency.

Fiduciary Duties: Within the realm of financial and corporate law, Ms. Di’s research delves into fiduciary duties, examining the responsibilities and obligations of fiduciaries in various business contexts. Her work contributes to clarifying legal standards and promoting ethical governance practices.


Title: Regulatory leadership in struggling–the US path in robo-advisors governance

  • Journal: Law and Financial Markets Review
  • Year: 2024
  • Status: Article in Press

Title: From Prosperity to Deadlock: What’s Wrong with Financial Supervision on Robo-Advisors in China

  • Journal: Asian Journal of Law and Economics
  • Volume: 13, Issue: 2
  • Year: 2022
  • Pages: 223–253
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Xingsi Di | Financial Law | CyberGuard Excellence Award

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