Prof Dr. A Saravanaselvan, Processor-Based, Best Researcher Award

Professor at National Engineering College, India

Prof. Dr. A. Saravanaselvan is a distinguished academician and researcher with expertise in the field of electronics and communication engineering. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Periyar University, Salem, in 2003, followed by a Master’s degree in Applied Electronics from Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli, in 2011. Driven by a passion for advancing knowledge and innovation, he pursued his Ph.D. in Wireless Sensor Networks from Anna University, Chennai, graduating in 2021.

With over 16 years of professional experience in academia, Prof. Dr. Saravanaselvan has held various teaching positions at esteemed institutions. He began his academic career as a Lecturer at PSY Engineering College from June 2003 to June 2004. Subsequently, he joined National Engineering College, where he served as a Lecturer from July 2004 to June 2009. His dedication and commitment to education led to his appointment as Assistant Professor at National Engineering College from July 2011 to June 2013, followed by promotion to Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), a position he has held since July 2013.



B.E. Electronics and Communication

  • University: Periyar University, Salem
  • Year: 2003

M.E. Applied Electronics

  • University: Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli
  • Year: 2011

Ph.D. Wireless Sensor Networks

  • University: Anna University, Chennai
  • Year: 2021
 Professtional Experience

Prof. Dr. A. Saravanaselvan has accumulated a rich and diverse professional experience in the field of academia, spanning over 16 years. His journey commenced as a Lecturer at PSY Engineering College from June 2003 to June 2004, where he laid the foundation of his academic career. Subsequently, he joined National Engineering College as a Lecturer in July 2004, contributing significantly to the institution’s academic endeavors until June 2009. During this period, he honed his teaching skills and garnered valuable experience in higher education.

Driven by a passion for teaching and research, Prof. Dr. Saravanaselvan transitioned to the role of Assistant Professor at National Engineering College in July 2011. Over the course of almost two years, until June 2013, he continued to inspire and educate students while actively engaging in scholarly pursuits. Recognizing his dedication and expertise, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) in July 2013, a role he has continued to fulfill with distinction up to the present day.

Throughout his tenure, Prof. Dr. Saravanaselvan has demonstrated unwavering commitment to academic excellence, mentorship, and institutional growth. His extensive experience across various academic positions underscores his profound impact on students’ learning journeys and his invaluable contributions to the academic community.

Research Interests

Prof. Dr. A. Saravanaselvan’s research interests lie at the intersection of electronics, communication, and innovative technology applications. With a comprehensive educational background and extensive experience in academia, his scholarly pursuits encompass a diverse range of topics aimed at advancing knowledge and addressing contemporary challenges. His primary areas of research interest include:

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs): Prof. Dr. Saravanaselvan is deeply engaged in exploring the design, optimization, and implementation of wireless sensor networks for various applications, including environmental monitoring, industrial automation, and healthcare systems. His work focuses on enhancing network efficiency, energy management, and data reliability in WSN deployments.

IoT Technology and Smart Systems: He is passionate about harnessing the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to develop smart systems and solutions for real-world problems. His research endeavors involve the integration of IoT devices, data analytics, and cloud computing to create intelligent frameworks for applications such as water resource management and agricultural automation.

Embedded Systems and Automation: Prof. Dr. Saravanaselvan’s expertise extends to embedded systems design and automation, where he explores innovative approaches to develop intelligent devices and control systems. He investigates advanced techniques in embedded programming, sensor interfacing, and control algorithms to create efficient and reliable automation solutions for diverse domains.

Green Energy Technologies: Committed to sustainable development, he focuses on research related to green energy generation and renewable energy systems. His work aims to advance the efficiency and reliability of solar, wind, and mechanical energy systems through innovative technological interventions, contributing to the global transition towards clean energy solutions.

Image Processing and Machine Vision: Prof. Dr. Saravanaselvan is also involved in research endeavors related to image processing and machine vision applications. He explores algorithms and techniques for image analysis, pattern recognition, and object classification, with applications in agriculture, healthcare, and surveillance systems.


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Performance analysis of various artificial intelligent neural networks for GPS/INS integration

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