Mr. Gemedo Furo, Change And Livelihood, Best Researcher Award

Gemedo Furo at North West Agriculture and Forestry University, China, Ethiopia

Mr. Gemedo Furo is a dedicated researcher and educator with a passion for forestry and environmental conservation. With over a decade of professional experience, he has made significant contributions to the field through his work at esteemed institutions such as the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute and the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research. Mr. Furo’s expertise lies in forest-based socio-economics, policy analysis, and conservation impact assessment. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Adama Science and Technology University and a Master’s degree from Beijing Forestry University. Throughout his career, Mr. Furo has demonstrated strong leadership, research acumen, and a commitment to advancing sustainable practices in forestry and natural resource management. His research interests include exploring the complex interactions between human communities and forest ecosystems, with the aim of informing evidence-based policies for environmental stewardship. As an educator, Mr. Gemedo Furo has also played a vital role in shaping the next generation of environmental professionals, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary approaches and practical solutions to address pressing environmental challenges.



Adama Science and Technology University (Assela Agricultural Campus) (2010 – 2012)

  • Degree: BSc (Bachelor of Science) Program
  • Medium of Instruction: English

Beijing Forestry University (2017 – 2019)

  • Degree: MSc (Master of Science)
  • Medium of Instruction: English
Professional Experience

Mr. Gemedo Furo boasts a robust professional background spanning several key roles in forestry research, education, and leadership. Since September 2015, he has served as a Researcher at the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute, specifically at the Hawassa Environment and Forest Research Center. In this capacity, his responsibilities have encompassed conducting comprehensive research in forest-based socio-economics, policy formulation, and conservation impact assessment. His expertise extends to project planning, proposal development, and meticulous data collection, encoding, and organization for subsequent analysis. Moreover, Mr. Furo has demonstrated adeptness in data analysis and the production of thorough research reports. Prior to this, from June 2014 to September 2015, he held a similar Researcher position at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, focusing on forestry and agro-forestry research. Additionally, Mr. Furo has contributed to academia as an Instructor in the Natural Resource Department at Alage Agricultural TVET College from November 2012 to May 2014, where he facilitated courses and coordinated community-based training initiatives. Throughout his tenure, Mr. Furo has exhibited strong leadership, research prowess, and dedication to advancing knowledge in forestry and related disciplines, enhancing his professional standing in the field.

Research interests

Mr. Gemedo Furo’s research interests revolve around the multifaceted domain of forestry, with a particular focus on socio-economic dimensions, policy analysis, and conservation impact assessment. With a robust background in research garnered from his tenure at esteemed institutions such as the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute, Mr. Furo has developed a keen interest in exploring the intricate interplay between forest ecosystems, human communities, and policy frameworks. His research pursuits delve into understanding the socio-economic dynamics shaping forest-dependent livelihoods, assessing the efficacy of existing policies in sustainable forest management, and elucidating the conservation implications of human activities on forest ecosystems. Furthermore, Mr. Furo is driven by a commitment to generating actionable insights that inform evidence-based decision-making and contribute to the formulation of policies aimed at fostering equitable and environmentally sustainable practices in forestry and natural resource management. Through his interdisciplinary approach and dedication to scholarly inquiry, Mr. Gemedo Furo aims to advance knowledge and promote holistic solutions to contemporary challenges facing forests and their dependent communities.


Title: Sustainability analysis of the Munessa-Shashemene dry Afromontane natural forest from local communities’ perspectives

  • Journal: Journal of Forest Research
  • Date: January 2, 2023
  • DOI: 10.1080/13416979.2022.2120088
  • Contributors: Gemedo Furo Bedaso; Kedir Tifo

Title: Socio-economic factors influencing household dependency on forest resources: a case of the Munessa-Shashemene forest, Ethiopia

  • Journal: SN Social Sciences
  • Date: December 30, 2022
  • DOI: 10.1007/s43545-022-00594-3
  • Contributors: Gemedo Furo Bedaso; Kedir Tifo; Mi Feng

Title: Biomass and soil carbon stocks along altitudinal gradients of Shopa-Bultum Natural Forest, Ethiopia

  • Journal: Arabian Journal of Geosciences
  • Date: April 2022
  • DOI: 10.1007/s12517-022-09872-z
  • Contributors: Kedir Tifo; Gemedo Furo Bedaso

Title: Identification of spice shade and support tree species, south-western Ethiopia

  • Journal: Agroforestry Systems
  • Date: February 2020
  • DOI: 10.1007/s10457-019-00372-w
  • Contributors: Gemedo Furo; Ashenafi Manaye; Alemayo Negasa


Gemedo Furo | Change and Livelihood | Best Researcher Award

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