Mr. Abdu Hailu Shibeshi, Public Health Concern Award, Best Researcher Award

Abdu Hailu Shibeshi at Samara University, Samara, Ethiopia

Mr. Abdu Hailu Shibeshi is a dedicated professional with a background in statistics and a passion for community development. He holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics from Hawassa University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from Jimma University. With over two years of experience as a lecturer at Samara University, Mr. Shibeshi has demonstrated his commitment to education and academic excellence.

In addition to his academic role, Mr. Shibeshi has gained valuable experience in research and data collection through various positions, including roles as a data collector and consultant. His research interests span a wide range of areas, including applied statistics, data analysis, community development, program evaluation, and epidemiology. Through his work, he aims to contribute to the improvement of society by addressing social, economic, and health-related challenges using rigorous statistical methods.



MSc. in Applied Statistics, Hawassa University, Ethiopia (20/09/2019 – 18/08/2020)

BSc. in Statistics, Jimma University, Ethiopia (25/09/2014 – 28/06/2016)

Professional Experience:

Mr. Abdu Hailu Shibeshi has accumulated a wealth of professional experience across various roles, demonstrating his expertise and dedication to academia, research, and community development. As a Lecturer at Samara University in Semera, Ethiopia, since November 2018, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the education and learning experiences of students. Additionally, his contributions as a Data Collector for the Center of Excellence International Consult (CEIC) and as a Consultant for Emmanuel Development Association (EDA) reflect his proficiency in data collection, analysis, and project management. Mr. Shibeshi’s commitment to community development is evident in his role as a Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant at the Afar Region HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office, where he has been involved in initiatives aimed at improving public health outcomes. His diverse professional background underscores his versatility and capability in addressing multifaceted challenges in his field.

Research Interest:

Applied Statistics: Mr. Shibeshi has a keen interest in applying statistical methods and techniques to solve real-world problems across different domains, including health, education, and economics.

Data Analysis: He is interested in exploring various data analysis methods to derive meaningful insights from complex datasets, with a focus on predictive modeling, multivariate analysis, and time series analysis.

Community Development: Mr. Shibeshi is passionate about conducting research that contributes to the development and well-being of communities, particularly in rural and underserved areas. His research in this area may focus on identifying socio-economic disparities, assessing community needs, and evaluating the impact of development interventions.

Program Evaluation: He is interested in evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of social programs and interventions, including health interventions, education initiatives, and poverty alleviation programs, using rigorous statistical methods.

Epidemiology and Public Health: Mr. Shibeshi may also be interested in research related to epidemiology and public health, including disease surveillance, outbreak investigations, and health disparities research.

Publication Top Noted:

Title: Bayesian Spatial quantile interval model with application to childhood malnutrition in Ethiopia

  • Authors: AH Shibeshi, ZG Asfaw
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  • Journal: Unknown
  • Volume: 4

Title: Depressive symptoms among residents of south Wollo zone in Northern Ethiopia after the liberation of invasion of TPLF led force

  • Authors: SA Tareke, ME Lelisho, AH Shibeshi, MQ Muze, YN Jabir, KS Wolde, …
  • Year: 2023
  • Journal: Heliyon
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Title: Improving Skill of SPSS Software For Biology 3rd Year Students of Samara University in 2021: Action Research

  • Authors: A Asfaw, A Hailu, H Awol
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Title: Levels of stunting associated factors among under-five children in Ethiopia: A multi-level ordinal logistic regression analysis

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Title: Determinants of high-risk fertility behavior among women of reproductive age in Kenya: a multilevel analysis based on 2022 Kenyan demographic and health survey

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Abdu Hailu Shibeshi | Public Health Concern Award | Best Researcher Award

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