Mr. Woldeteklehaymanot Kassahun, Science Research Award, Best Researcher Award

Woldeteklehaymanot Kassahun at Woldia University, Ethiopia

Mr. Woldeteklehaymanot Kassahun is a dedicated clinical laboratory professional with a passion for becoming a distinguished clinical hematologist and alleviating the burden of leukemia in Ethiopia. He believes in the transformative power of research and science to improve the lives of patients. Currently serving as the Assistant Registrar of the College of Health Science at Woldia University, he oversees student registration, academic calendar adherence, and student information management. With a background in hematology and clinical laboratory sciences, he has also served as a lecturer at Woldia University and Arba Minch University, where he has delivered lectures, mentored students, conducted research, and provided professional community service. Mr. Kassahun holds an MSc in Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a specialty in Clinical Hematology and Immunohematology from Jimma University, along with a BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology. His expertise includes hematology and coagulation analyzer operation, blood morphology examination, data management, analysis, and class management. He is recognized for his good listening skills, teamwork, and ability to multitask effectively.



MSc in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (Specialty in Clinical Hematology and Immunohematology)

  • Institution: Jimma University
  • Completion Year: June 2019
  • CGPA: 3.75

BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology

  • Institution: Jimma University
  • Completion Year: June 2016
  • CGPA: 3.42

Professional Experience:

Mr. Woldeteklehaymanot Kassahun has extensive professional experience in academia, particularly in the field of health sciences. He currently serves as an Assistant Registrar at Woldia University’s College of Health Science, a role in which he oversees student registration, academic calendars, and student information management systems. Prior to this position, he held roles as a Lecturer at both Woldia University and Arba Minch University. In these positions, he demonstrated proficiency in delivering class and laboratory instructions, mentoring students, conducting research, and providing community service. His commitment to education and his dedication to improving healthcare systems in Ethiopia are evident through his diverse roles and contributions in academia

Research Interest:

Mr. Woldeteklehaymanot Kassahun’s research interests primarily revolve around clinical hematology and immunohematology, with a particular focus on hematological disorders prevalent in Ethiopia, such as leukemia and anemia. He is dedicated to advancing diagnostic methods, including blood morphology examination and coagulation analyzer operation, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of disease detection. Additionally, he is interested in healthcare management and epidemiology, aiming to contribute to the development of effective strategies for disease management and healthcare delivery in Ethiopia. Through his research endeavors, Mr. Kassahun aspires to alleviate the burden of hematological diseases and enhance the quality of patient care in his community.

Publication Top Noted:

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Woldeteklehaymanot Kassahun | Science Research Award | Best Researcher Award

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