Mr. Chala Wakjira, Engineering Award, Excellence in Research

Chala Wakjira at Wollega University, Ethiopia

Mr. Chala Wakjira is a dedicated water resources engineer with a wealth of experience in irrigation engineering. He holds a Master of Science degree in Water Resources Engineering, specializing in Irrigation Engineering, from Adama Science and Technology University, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering from Haramaya University. With a strong educational foundation, Mr. Wakjira has honed his skills through practical experience, including construction supervision and site engineering roles at Sisay Assefa Water Works General Contractor. He has led significant projects, such as designing pump irrigation systems for greenhouses and spearheading watershed restoration initiatives. Proficient in a range of software tools for irrigation scheme design, Mr. Wakjira is known for his expertise in Epanet, WaterCAD, AutoCAD, ARC GIS, and other relevant programs. His commitment to excellence and passion for water resources management make him a valuable contributor in his field.



Master of Science (MSc) in Water Resources Engineering

  • Specialization: Irrigation Engineering
  • Institution: Adama Science and Technology University
  • Year Awarded: 2012

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering

  • Institution: Haramaya University, Institute of Technology
  • Year Awarded: 2008

Professional Experience:

Arjo Didessa Sugar Development Factory Internship (Five Months):

Mr. Wakjira completed an internship at the Arjo Didessa Sugar Development Factory, where he gained practical experience in the field of water resources engineering.

Sisay Assefa Water Works General Contractor (Construction Supervision and Site Engineering):

From August 27, 2017, to September 28, 2021, Mr. Wakjira served for four years in construction supervision roles on various irrigation projects at Sisay Assefa Water Works General Contractor.

Since August 27, 2017, Mr. Wakjira has been working as a Site Engineer on different irrigation projects at Sisay Assefa Water Works General Contractor.

Greenhouse Pump Irrigation System Design at Wallega University:

Mr. Wakjira successfully led the design of a pump irrigation system for a greenhouse at Wallega University. This project involved collaboration with a team of civil engineers, surveyors, and hydraulic engineers.

Watershed Restoration Project at Abbay Choman and Harato:

Mr. Wakjira played a leadership role in the restoration project of degraded watersheds at Abbay Choman and Harato. His responsibilities included preparing hydrological characterizations of the watersheds to guide the restoration efforts.

Research Interest:

Mr. Chala Wakjira’s research interests lie at the intersection of water resources engineering and irrigation engineering, focusing on sustainable water management practices and innovative irrigation technologies. His research pursuits encompass a diverse array of topics aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity, conserving water resources, and mitigating environmental impacts. Specifically, Mr. Wakjira is interested in investigating advanced irrigation techniques such as drip irrigation and sprinkler systems to optimize water use efficiency and minimize water wastage in agriculture. Additionally, he explores watershed management strategies, including soil erosion control and ecosystem-based approaches, to preserve the health of watersheds and ensure long-term water availability. Furthermore, he is intrigued by the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing technologies for spatial analysis, hydrological modeling, and land use monitoring, enabling informed decision-making in water resource management. Moreover, Mr. Wakjira is committed to researching climate change adaptation measures, focusing on climate-resilient irrigation practices and water resource planning to address the challenges posed by changing climatic conditions. Through his interdisciplinary research endeavors, Mr. Wakjira aims to contribute to sustainable water resource management and agricultural development, thereby fostering resilience and environmental stewardship in water-scarce regions.

Publication Top Noted:

“Adapting climate resilient center pivot irrigation system through monitoring and operating under microclimate change: The case of Wonji-Shoa Sugar Estate, Ethiopia”

  • Author: C. Wakjira
  • Journal: Climate Services
  • Volume: 30
  • Year: 2023
  • Pages: 100389
  • Citations: 0

“Effect of Beneficial Microorganisms, Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), and Their Combination as Feed Additives on Fertility, Hatchability, and Chick Quality Parameters of White Leghorn Layers”

  • Authors: C.K. Wakjira, N.A. Zeleke, M.G. Abebe, A.N. Abeshu
  • Journal: Journal of World’s Poultry Research
  • Volume: 11
  • Issue: 3
  • Year: 2021
  • Pages: 359–367
  • Citations: 1
Chala Wakjira | Engineering Award | Excellence in Research

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