Ms. Francesca Sammut,  Cyberharassment,  Best Researcher Award

Francesca Sammut at Mental Health Services Malta, Malta

Francesca Sammut is a dedicated healthcare professional with a diverse background in mental health nursing, healthcare management, and community service. She holds a Master of Science in International Health Management & Leadership from the University of Sheffield, UK, where she graduated with Distinction. Prior to this, Francesca completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Malta, earning First Class Honours.

With a strong commitment to continuous learning and professional development, Francesca has acquired a range of skills, including proficiency in digital tools such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, and healthcare IT systems. She has also completed various professional courses and workshops, including training in Basic Life Support, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Suicide Risk Assessment.


Education and Training:

Master of Science in International Health Management & Leadership

  • University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Sep 2021 – 6 Nov 2023
  • Final grade: Distinction
  • Level in EQF: EQF level 7
  • NQF Level: MQF level 7
  • Number of credits: 180

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mental Health Nursing

  • University of Malta, Msida, Malta
  • Sep 2018 – Jun 2021
  • Field(s) of study: Health and welfare: Nursing and midwifery
  • Final grade: First Class Honours
  • Level in EQF: EQF level 6
  • Number of credits: 180

Professional Experience:

Clinical Experience: As a mental health nurse, Francesca likely has hands-on experience in providing direct care and support to individuals with mental health issues. This may include conducting assessments, administering treatments, and implementing care plans to promote patients’ mental well-being.

Leadership and Management: With her Master of Science in International Health Management & Leadership, Francesca may have acquired skills in healthcare administration, leadership, and strategic planning. This background could qualify her for roles in healthcare management where she oversees operations, manages teams, and ensures the delivery of high-quality care services.

Community Engagement: Francesca’s involvement in volunteering roles, such as being a Digital Content Creator for the Hearing Voices NGO and a Playworker at Dar Merħba Bik, demonstrates her commitment to community service and advocacy. These experiences likely involved collaborating with diverse groups of individuals and organizations to address social issues and promote mental health awareness.

Research and Academic Engagement: While explicit details about her research experience are not provided, Francesca’s participation in conferences, seminars, and projects related to mental health and healthcare suggests an interest in research and academic pursuits. She may have been involved in research activities, literature reviews, data analysis, and presentations as part of her academic and professional journey.

Research Interests:

Francesca Sammut’s research interests lie at the intersection of mental health, healthcare management, and digital ethics. With a background in mental health nursing and international health management, she is particularly interested in exploring the impact of technology on mental health outcomes, including the prevalence and effects of cyberharassment. Francesca’s research focuses on understanding the dynamics of online harassment, identifying coping strategies adopted by individuals, and investigating the sociodemographic factors influencing vulnerability to cyber threats. Additionally, she is passionate about examining the role of digital platforms in promoting mental well-being and developing interventions to mitigate the adverse effects of online harassment. Through her interdisciplinary approach, Francesca aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in mental health promotion, digital ethics, and healthcare policy development.


Title: Under Attack in the Cyber Battlefield: A Scoping Review of Journalists’ Experiences of Cyberharassment

  • Authors: F. Sammut, M. Bezzina, & J. Scerri
  • Year: 2023
  • Journal: Journalism Practice
  • Publication Date: Published Online 17 Dec 2023






Francesca Sammut | Cyberharassment | Best Researcher Award

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