Mr. Gideon Folorunso | Foreign Policy | Best Researcher Award

Lecturer at Foreign Policy, Covenant University, Nigeria

Gideon Ibukuntomiwa Folorunso is a professional with a diverse background and a wide range of skills. They have over six years of experience in glocalisation and foreign policy research, as well as one year of research experience in global health studies. Gideon is described as reliable, energetic, and resourceful, with a strong ability to adapt to new roles and environments. They have developed strong project management skills through their work with various event organizing committees. Additionally, Gideon has expertise in relationship management and advisory roles. Overall, Gideon’s combination of skills and experiences makes them a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Professional Profiles


Gideon Ibukuntomiwa Folorunso is currently pursuing a PhD in International Relations at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, building upon their academic foundation. Prior to this, they completed an MSc. in International Relations at the same institution. Gideon’s academic journey began at Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara State, where they obtained a B.Sc. in International Relations. Their educational background reflects a strong commitment to advancing their knowledge and expertise in the field of international relations.


Gideon Ibukuntomiwa Folorunso has been actively involved in research and academia at Covenant University since 2018. As a Researcher, they have authored more than 4 publications in reputable international journals such as Cogents, African Renaissance, and Academia. They have also co-edited a book published by IGI Global and contributed to research collaborations on an international scale. Additionally, Gideon has peer-reviewed a journal article and participated in several international conferences, including those hosted by the ACU and UN. In their role as an Assistant Lecturer, Gideon works closely with senior colleagues as a teaching and research assistant. They coordinate tutorial classes for students, provide mentorship as a level advisor, and manage the e-learning platform (Moodle). This position allows them to actively engage with students, both in the classroom and through academic support. Prior to becoming an Assistant Lecturer, Gideon served as a Graduate Assistant, where they also worked as a research assistant, coordinated tutorial classes, provided mentorship, and managed the e-learning platform. Their experience in both roles demonstrates their dedication to research, teaching, and supporting student learning and development.

Technical Skills :

Gideon Ibukuntomiwa Folorunso has a diverse set of technical skills that enhance their professional capabilities. They excel in interpersonal relationship management, mediation, and public speaking, which are valuable for effective communication and collaboration in various settings. Additionally, Gideon is proficient in desktop publishing applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Pagemaker, and Corel Draw at a beginner level. Their familiarity with teleconferencing applications enables them to participate in remote meetings and collaborations effectively. Furthermore, Gideon has a strong grasp of project management principles, allowing them to plan, execute, and oversee projects efficiently. Their copywriting skills are valuable for creating engaging and persuasive content. While they have a beginner-level proficiency in SPSS, they are capable of performing basic data analysis tasks. Overall, Gideon’s technical skills complement their professional profile and enable them to excel in various roles.


Interrogating the Sources of International law vis-à-vis Municipal law in the drive towards socio-politico sustainability of Glocalisation
African Renaissance, 2022
Authors: GI Folorunso, OT Ayodele, OG Deinde-Adedeji
Citations: 1

Rethinking the role of traditional media on migration issues in Nigeria
Handbook of Research on the Global Impact of Media on Migration Issues, 2020
Authors: GI Folorunso, AI Oyeyemi, OD Udoh, OT Ayodele, NO Excellence-Oluye
Citations: 1

Appraisement of glocalisation in the context of Nigeria’s foreign policy: A concentric approach
Cogent Arts & Humanities, 2024
Authors: GI Folorunso, MM Duruji, FC Chidozie

Social Media, Public Participation and Legislations in Nigeria: A Review
African Renaissance, 2022
Authors: OT Ayodele, OY Olonade, A Adeyeye, GI Folorunso



Gideon Folorunso | Foreign Policy | Best Researcher Award

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