Oluwafemi Oke | Intrusion Detection | Best Researcher Award

Mr. Oluwafemi Oke | Intrusion Detection | Best Researcher Award

PhD, Near East University, Cyprus

🏆 Mr. Oluwafemi Oke, recipient of the Best Researcher Award, has demonstrated exceptional expertise in Intrusion Detection. Holding a PhD from Near East University in Cyprus, he has contributed significantly to the field through his innovative research endeavors. Oke’s work showcases a profound understanding of cybersecurity challenges, particularly in identifying and mitigating intrusion attempts. His dedication to advancing knowledge in this domain is evident in his groundbreaking contributions, earning him widespread recognition among peers and industry professionals. Oke’s accomplishments serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his invaluable contributions to the field of cybersecurity. 🌟



Research Experience

🔬 With a diverse research background, spanning from machine learning to AI applications in climate science and beyond, the journey of the versatile Research Assistant, Daxlinks, began in 2020. Pioneering a novel approach in deep learning techniques, they achieved a remarkable 45% enhancement in user engagement accuracy. Transitioning to GIFA INC in 2021, they delved into groundbreaking AI research intersecting with climate science and finance, achieving an impressive 85% accuracy in financial market forecasting. Their tenure as a Research Scientist at Near East University in 2022 was marked by significant contributions to image and video analysis algorithms, natural language understanding, and the development of AI-based predictive maintenance systems, resulting in notable efficiency gains and patents. 🚀

Professtional Experience

🤖 With a rich history spanning various industries, the career of the adept AI Engineer, Cadbury Plc, commenced in 2015, marked by the development and deployment of AI solutions across retail, healthcare, and finance sectors. Their expertise in machine learning drove a notable 23% accuracy boost in image and speech recognition systems. Transitioning to consultancy as an AI Consultant at Corporate Affairs Commission in 2017, they provided invaluable guidance and conducted workshops on machine learning, deep learning, and model building. As a Data Scientist at NEU Cardiac Centre in 2020, they achieved a remarkable 94% accuracy in cancerous cell identification through machine learning, alongside leveraging NLP for targeted marketing strategies. Their role as a Machine Learning Engineer at Harvest in 2022 witnessed pioneering efforts in recommendation systems and autonomous vehicle navigation, culminating in substantial user engagement enhancements and accuracy gains, respectively. 🚀


🎓 With an impressive academic journey, the individual commenced their educational pursuit at Babcock University in July 2016, earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Their undergraduate project focused on Radio Frequency Identification in Doors, showcasing early interest in emerging technologies. Advancing their expertise, they pursued a Master of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) at Babcock University, completing in August 2020, with a project titled Hybrid Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) Systems for Automated Homes, highlighting a fusion of IoT and intelligent systems. Currently, they are pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Information Systems (Artificial Intelligence) at Near East University, marking a dedication to advancing knowledge in AI. 📚


Publication Title: The Role of AI in Financial Services: A Bibliometric Analysis
DOI: 10.1080/08874417.2024.2304545
Year: 2024
Journal: Journal of Computer Information Systems

DOI: 10.33407/itlt.v95i3.5233
Year: 2023
Journal: Information Technologies and Learning Tools






Introduction of InnoSec Mastery Award

Introduction of InnoSec Mastery Award


Embark on a journey of mastery and innovation with the ‘InnoSec Mastery Award.’ This distinguished honor recognizes individuals who have achieved unparalleled mastery in the field of cybersecurity, standing as beacons of excellence and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in securing digital landscapes.


The InnoSec Mastery Award is open to cybersecurity experts, professionals, and leaders worldwide who have demonstrated a mastery of skills and made substantial contributions to the cybersecurity domain. There are no age restrictions, inviting individuals at all career stages to showcase their expertise.

Qualification and Publications:

Applicants should possess a relevant degree in cybersecurity, computer science, or a related field. A strong record of impactful publications, patents, or significant contributions to the cybersecurity domain is highly valued.

  • Submission of a comprehensive biography outlining the applicant’s journey to mastery in cybersecurity.
  • An abstract highlighting key achievements and contributions to the field.
  • Supporting files containing relevant publications, patents, or project details.
Evaluation Criteria:

Entries will be evaluated based on the depth of mastery, practical applications, and the overall impact on the cybersecurity field. Originality, relevance, and the potential for future contributions will be significant criteria.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Online submissions can be made through the official award portal.
  • Deadline for submissions is [insert date].
  • All documents should be in PDF format.
  • Clearly label and organize supporting files.

Winners of the InnoSec Mastery Award will receive a prestigious trophy, a certificate of recognition, and extensive acknowledgment within the cybersecurity community. The award ceremony will be a key highlight of a prominent industry event.

Community Impact:

The InnoSec Mastery Award aims to spotlight individuals whose mastery has made a significant impact on the broader cybersecurity community, fostering collaboration and advancing the state of digital security practices.


Applicants are encouraged to provide a detailed biography, emphasizing their journey, achievements, and contributions to the cybersecurity and digital security fields.

Abstract and Supporting Files:

A concise abstract summarizing the essence of the applicant’s mastery in cybersecurity must be included. Supporting files should offer additional context, such as publications, patents, or project details.

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