Mrs. Tsiyon Mekoya, Nursing Award, Women Researcher Award

Tsiyon Mekoya at Jimma university, Ethiopia

Tsiyon Mekoya is a dedicated and motivated individual with a strong background in nursing and academia. She holds a Master’s degree in Adult Health Nursing from Jimma University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the same institution. With a proven track record of academic excellence, Tsiyon has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a commitment to serving her community. Her passion for research and education is evident through her extensive professional experience, publications, and contributions to the field of nursing. Tsiyon is fluent in English, Amharic, and Afan Oromo, with advanced skills in research software and data analysis.



Tsiyon Mekoya earned her Master’s degree in Adult Health Nursing from Jimma University, Institute of Health and School of Nursing, where she achieved academic excellence with a GPA of 3.80. Prior to her master’s studies, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at Jimma University, graduating with honors and a GPA of 3.83.

Professional Experience:

Tsiyon’s professional journey in academia began as a Graduate Assistant II at the School of Nursing, Jimma University Institute of Health. She progressed to the role of Assistant Lecturer and currently serves as a Lecturer of Adult Health Nursing. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Tsiyon has been actively involved in research projects focusing on various aspects of healthcare, particularly in sexual and reproductive health services and substance use prevention among adolescents.

Research Interest:

Tsiyon Mekoya’s research interests revolve around improving healthcare services and addressing public health challenges in Ethiopia. She has been engaged in projects investigating loneliness among hospitalized patients, lifestyle modifications among diabetes mellitus patients, and determinants of sexual and reproductive health service utilization among adolescents with disabilities. Her current research focuses on the effects of interactive software applications on substance use prevention among high school students.

Publication Top Noted:

Patients’ Trust in Health Care Providers Among Hospitalized Patients, Jimma, South West Ethiopia

Authors: Tegenu Lemma K., Tilahun Beyene D., Mekoya Jemaneh T., Melkamu Andualem E., Atomsa Hunde G.

Journal: SAGE Open Nursing, 2023, 9

Abstract: This study investigates the level of trust hospitalized patients have in their healthcare providers in Jimma, Southwest Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the link to the full article is disabled.

Loneliness among Hospitalized Patients in Jimma Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia, 2021

Authors: Mekoya T., Hailu E., Serawit T., Tesfaye T.

Journal: International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences, 2023, 18, 100529

Abstract: This study explores the prevalence and factors associated with loneliness among patients admitted to Jimma Medical Center in Southwest Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the link to the full article is disabled.

Retrospective Cross-sectional Study of Asthma Severity in Adult Patients at the Jimma Medical Center, Ethiopia

Authors: Tilahun D., Michael M., Gashaye M., Melkamu E., Mekoya T.

Journal: Scientific Reports, 2022, 12(1), 11483

Abstract: This study examines the severity of asthma in adult patients at Jimma Medical Center in Ethiopia using a retrospective cross-sectional approach. Unfortunately, the link to the full article is disabled.

Depression Among Patients with Chronic Pain, in Jimma Town Public Hospitals, Ethiopia

Authors: Serawit T., Belay Y., Tesfaye Y., Mekoya T., Yimam E.

Journal: Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology, 2022, 9

Abstract: This study investigates the prevalence of depression among patients suffering from chronic pain in public hospitals in Jimma Town, Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the link to the full article is disabled.

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