Assoc Prof Dr. Akram Al-Rubaie, Encoding media language, Best Researcher Award

Professor at Al- Mustaqbal University, Iraq

Dr. Akram Faraj Abdul-Hussein Al-Rubaie is a distinguished academic figure in the field of media and journalism, hailing from Iraq. Holding a Doctorate of Philosophy in Media – Journalism, Dr. Al-Rubaie has established himself as an Assistant Professor at Al-Mustaqbal University, where he contributes to the advancement of knowledge through teaching, research, and mentorship.

With a diverse range of research interests, Dr. Al-Rubaie has made significant contributions to the study of media phenomena, including the utilization of artificial intelligence technology in media penetration, semiotic analysis of media discourse, and the impact of digital media misinformation. His scholarly output includes numerous research papers published in reputable journals, as well as several scientific books released by international Arab publishing houses.



Dr. Akram Faraj Abdul-Hussein Al-Rubaie pursued an extensive academic journey in the field of media and journalism, culminating in a Doctorate of Philosophy in Media – Journalism. Unfortunately, specific details regarding his educational background prior to his doctoral studies are not provided in the provided information. However, it’s reasonable to assume that he likely completed undergraduate and postgraduate studies related to media, journalism, or a related field to build the foundational knowledge necessary for his doctoral research and academic career.

Professional Experience

Dr. Akram Faraj Abdul-Hussein Al-Rubaie has amassed a wealth of professional experience in the field of media and journalism, showcasing his expertise and leadership within academic and editorial roles. Here is an overview of his professional experience:

  1. Assistant Professor: Dr. Al-Rubaie currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Al-Mustaqbal University in Iraq. In this role, he contributes to the academic community through teaching, research, and mentoring students in the field of media and journalism.
  2. Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Al-Rubaie has held significant editorial positions, demonstrating his leadership and proficiency in media management. He served as the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Mustaqbal University newspaper, overseeing the production and publication of content for the university’s publication.
  3. Editor-in-Chief of Adwaa newspaper: In addition to his role at Al-Mustaqbal University newspaper, Dr. Al-Rubaie assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief at Adwaa newspaper. This editorial responsibility involved managing the editorial direction, content creation, and publication processes of the newspaper.
  4. Head of the Media Department: Dr. Al-Rubaie’s leadership extends to academia, where he has served as the Head of the Media Department at Future University. In this capacity, he has provided direction and guidance for the department’s academic programs and initiatives.
  5. Membership in Professional Associations: Dr. Al-Rubaie is an active member of several professional associations, including the Iraqi Researchers and Teachers Association, the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, and the Union of Radio and Television Broadcasters. His involvement in these organizations reflects his commitment to advancing the field of media studies and fostering professional networks within the industry.

Research Interest

  1. Media Penetration Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology: Dr. Al-Rubaie has conducted research on the utilization of artificial intelligence technology in media penetration. His work explores how AI technologies impact the dissemination of information and the shaping of public perceptions, particularly concerning leaders and celebrities. This research delves into the intersection of technology and media influence, examining the implications for communication strategies and societal dynamics.
  2. Semiotic Analysis of Media Phenomena: Another area of interest for Dr. Al-Rubaie is the application of semiotic approaches in analyzing media phenomena. His research explores the underlying meanings and symbols present in media content, examining how these elements contribute to the construction of narratives and representations within media discourse. By employing semiotic analysis, Dr. Al-Rubaie seeks to deepen our understanding of the complex relationships between language, culture, and media representation.
  3. Digital Media Misinformation: Dr. Al-Rubaie investigates the phenomenon of digital media misinformation and its impact on society. His research explores the dissemination of false or misleading information through digital platforms, as well as the strategies employed by various actors to manipulate public opinion. By examining the mechanisms of misinformation dissemination and its implications for information exposure, Dr. Al-Rubaie seeks to identify opportunities for mitigating its harmful effects and promoting media literacy.
  4. Language Violence in Media Discourse: Dr. Al-Rubaie’s research also focuses on the prevalence of language violence in media discourse. He explores how language is used as a tool for power dynamics, discrimination, and marginalization within media narratives. By examining instances of language violence in media content, Dr. Al-Rubaie aims to raise awareness of the social and ethical implications of linguistic practices and promote more inclusive and equitable forms of communication.

Author Metric:

  1. Number of Research Papers: Dr. Al-Rubaie has published a total of 16 research papers in reputed journals. This indicates a substantial level of scholarly activity and engagement with academic discourse.
  2. Publication in Reputable Journals: His research papers have been published in scientifically peer-reviewed journals, suggesting that his work has undergone rigorous evaluation by experts in the field. Publication in reputable journals is a key indicator of scholarly quality and impact.
  3. Publication of Scientific Books: Dr. Al-Rubaie has authored more than ten scientific books published by international Arab publishing houses. Books are often considered significant scholarly contributions and can have a lasting impact on the field.
  4. Recognition and Awards: Dr. Al-Rubaie has received various awards and accolades for his research, including the Entrepreneurial Researcher Medal and Arbitrated Researcher Medal from the Areed platform. Such recognition highlights the significance and impact of his scholarly contributions within the academic community.


Title: Visualization metaphor and metaphorical projection in Iraqi media discourse

  • Author: Al-Rubaie, A.F.A.-H.
  • Journal: Social Sciences and Humanities Open
  • Year: 2023
  • Volume: 8
  • Issue: 1
  • Pages: 100498
  • Access: Open access
Akram Al-Rubaie | Encoding media language | Best Researcher Award

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