Jianfeng Li | Cyber Security | Best Innovation Award

Mr. Jianfeng Li, Cyber Security, Best Innovation Award

Jianfeng Li at Fuzhou University, China

Jianfeng Li is a highly accomplished professional with expertise in Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, and Engineering Management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Fuzhou University, a Master’s degree from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), and a Ph.D. from Cavite State University (Philippines) with a specialization in Engineering Management. Currently, he serves as a Master’s supervisor and Associate Professor at Fuzhou University, a Ph.D. supervisor and Professor at Marisian College in Manila, and also works as the General Manager at Nebula Sky (Hong Kong) Information Technology Co., Ltd. His extensive contributions to academia include publications in renowned journals and authoring a book on geotechnical engineering. Additionally, he holds certifications as a National Registered Supervising Engineer and National Registered Testing Engineer, along with several honors and awards for his outstanding achievements in the field.



  • Bachelor’s Degree: Civil Engineering from Fuzhou University
  • Master’s Degree: Geological Engineering from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
  • Ph.D.: Management with a focus on Engineering Management from Cavite State University (Philippines), completed in 2024.

Professional Experience:

Jianfeng Li brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his professional roles. As a Master’s Supervisor and Associate Professor at Fuzhou University, he guides and mentors graduate students while also teaching and contributing to research in the field of Civil Engineering. His role as a Ph.D. Supervisor and Professor at Marisian College in Manila involves leading doctoral candidates, conducting research, and delivering lectures on Engineering Management topics. Additionally, as the General Manager at Nebula Sky (Hong Kong) Information Technology Co., Ltd., he oversees strategic operations, manages projects, and ensures the efficient functioning of the company in the IT sector. These diverse roles demonstrate Mr. Li’s strong leadership, academic prowess, and industry acumen across multiple domains.

Research Interest:

Jianfeng Li’s research interests are multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of domains within the engineering and technology sectors. He delves into the intricacies of Civil Engineering, exploring structural dynamics, geotechnical analysis, transportation systems, and environmental sustainability. His work in Geological Engineering focuses on understanding geological processes, mitigating geological hazards, and optimizing soil mechanics for construction projects. In the realm of Engineering Management, Mr. Li delves into project management methodologies, organizational strategies, and decision-making frameworks tailored to engineering contexts. Additionally, his interest in Information Technology (IT) extends to IT management practices, cybersecurity protocols, digital transformation strategies, and the integration of IT solutions into engineering workflows. This broad spectrum of research interests showcases Mr. Jianfeng Li’s comprehensive approach to advancing knowledge and addressing complex challenges across multiple disciplines within the engineering and technology domains.

Publication Top Noted:

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Agerie Mengistie | Intrusion Detection | Best Researcher Award

Ms. Agerie Mengistie | Intrusion Detection | Best Researcher Award

Intrusion Detection at College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Agerie Mengistie is a dedicated professional in the field of midwifery and maternal health, based in Gondar, Ethiopia. With a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery from the University of Gondar and a Master’s degree in Clinical Midwifery from Bahir Dar University, she has honed her expertise in providing comprehensive maternity healthcare services. Currently serving as a Lecturer and Researcher at the University College of Tedda Health Sciences, she plays a pivotal role in monitoring and enhancing the quality of public health research activities. Agerie has a passion for research and has successfully conducted thesis work at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, demonstrating her commitment to advancing knowledge in her field. With a strong foundation in research methodology and proficiency in statistical software, she is well-equipped to contribute to evidence-based practices and improve maternal health outcomes in Ethiopia.



Ms. Agerie Mengistie holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Midwifery (MSc) from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, which she completed between February 2014 and June 2016. Prior to her Master’s degree, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSc) from the University of Gondar, Ethiopia, from May 2009 to March 2012. These academic qualifications have equipped her with a solid foundation in midwifery and clinical practices, enabling her to pursue a career focused on maternal and reproductive health.

Professional Experience

Ms. Agerie Mengistie has accumulated valuable professional experience in the field of midwifery and healthcare. Since May 2016, she has served as a Lecturer and Researcher in Clinical Midwifery at the University College of Tedda Health Sciences in Gondar, Ethiopia. In this role, she has undertaken various responsibilities, including monitoring and coordinating quality public health research activities, conducting and supervising thesis work for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, assisting senior professors in teaching and research, and contributing to manuscript preparation for peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, Ms. Mengistie has been actively involved in community diagnosis research as part of a team training program, providing research methodology training, and monitoring and evaluating public health services. Her commitment to education and research has significantly contributed to the advancement of midwifery education and healthcare services in her community.

Research Interest

Ms. Agerie Mengistie’s research interests lie in the intersection of midwifery, maternal healthcare, and public health. Specifically, she is passionate about exploring topics related to improving maternal and neonatal health outcomes, enhancing the quality of midwifery care, and advancing evidence-based practices in midwifery education and clinical practice. She is keen on conducting research that addresses key challenges in maternal healthcare delivery, such as reducing maternal mortality and morbidity rates, promoting safe childbirth practices, and ensuring access to comprehensive reproductive health services. Additionally, Ms. Mengistie is interested in investigating innovative approaches to midwifery education and training, as well as exploring the impact of cultural, social, and economic factors on maternal and child health outcomes. Through her research endeavors, she aims to contribute to the development of effective strategies and policies aimed at improving maternal and neonatal health outcomes in Ethiopia and beyond.

Award and Honors

Ms. Agerie Mengistie has been recognized for her dedication and contributions in the field of midwifery and maternal healthcare. She was granted the Induced Abortion Service award by the Ethiopian Midwifery Association in 2018 for her outstanding service in this area. This recognition highlights her commitment to providing quality healthcare services to women in need and acknowledges her significant contributions to the field of midwifery.

Research Skills

Ms. Agerie Mengistie possesses a diverse set of research skills, enabling her to contribute effectively to the advancement of knowledge in the field of midwifery and maternal health. She is proficient in various statistical software including Stata, SPSS, Epi Info, and Epi data software, which enables her to analyze data with precision and accuracy. Additionally, she is skilled in conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses, demonstrating her ability to synthesize and evaluate existing research literature comprehensively. Moreover, Ms. Mengistie has received training in research methodology, enhancing her capacity to design and execute high-quality research studies. Her proficiency in these research skills equips her to address complex research questions and contribute meaningfully to the evidence-based practice of midwifery.


E. Sewordor | Security and Insurance | Best Researcher Award

Dr. E. Sewordor, Security and Insurance, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at University of Basel, Switzerland

Dr. E. Sewordor is a dedicated scholar specializing in urban studies and historical research. With a profound interest in interdisciplinary investigations, he explores the intricate connections between urban environments, natural resource extraction, and colonial legacies. Dr. Sewordor’s academic pursuits encompass themes such as faith, trade, and colonialism, shedding light on their enduring influence on contemporary societies. Through teaching and scholarly engagements, he contributes significantly to the understanding of urban history and the socio-cultural dynamics of African communities.


Ph.D. in Urban Studies (summa cum laude)

  • University of Basel
  • Duration: September 2018 – October 2022

Master of Philosophy in History

  • University of Ghana
  • Duration: August 2015 – June 2017

Bachelor’s in History with Theatre Arts

  • University of Ghana
  • Duration: August 2010 – June 2014



Professional Experience:

Dr. E. Sewordor possesses a wealth of professional experiences and teaching engagements that underscore his dedication to academia and interdisciplinary research. He has served as a proofreader for the Newsletter of the Swiss Society for African Studies and as a reviewer for the Abibisem: Journal of African Culture and Civilization. Additionally, Dr. Sewordor has curated and taught graduate seminars on topics such as “Urban Afterlives of Natural Resource Extraction Landscapes” and “African Urban Future.” Collaborating with esteemed colleagues, he co-taught seminars like “The Mission at Home: Pietism and Imperialism in Basel and Southern Germany” and “Interdisciplinary Urban Research.” Furthermore, his responsibilities have extended to coordinating field trips, advising student papers, and contributing to workshops and mentorship programs. Dr. Sewordor’s multifaceted roles demonstrate his commitment to advancing scholarly discourse and nurturing the next generation of researchers in the fields of urban studies and history.

Research Interests:

Dr. E. Sewordor’s research interests span across interdisciplinary domains, reflecting his comprehensive approach to scholarly inquiry. His primary areas of focus include urban studies, historical research, and the intersections between faith, trade, and colonialism. Dr. Sewordor is particularly intrigued by the urban afterlives of natural resource extraction landscapes and the implications of past missions on contemporary societies. Moreover, he explores themes related to crime and law in African history, emphasizing the socio-cultural dynamics that shape urban environments. Through his diverse research endeavors, Dr. Sewordor seeks to shed light on complex historical narratives and their relevance to contemporary urban landscapes, fostering a deeper understanding of societal transformations and their implications for the future.


Title: “The Opportunity for Loss is Fully Appreciated, But: Theft and Conflicting Policy in the Making of Gold Coast’s Diamond-Mining Industry, 1919–1950s.”

  • Journal: African Economic History
  • Volume: 51
  • Issue: 1
  • Year: 2023
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Review of Diamond Warriors in Colonial Namibia: Diamond Smuggling, Migrant Workers and Development in Owamboland, by Job S. Amupanda.

  • Journal: Canadian Journal of African Studies
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  • Issue: 1
  • Year: 2023
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Title: “The Urban Culture of the ‘Model’ Christian Settlement at Abokobi, Ghana, 1854–1929.”

  • Journal: Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians
  • Volume: 81
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  • Year: 2022
  • Pages: 179–212

Title: “‘We Sympathise With the Mines for Pilfery That Goes on But…’: African Interests in Gold Coast Mines, Protecting Gold, and the Politics of Legislation, 1907–1948.”

  • Journal: African Economic History
  • Volume: 48
  • Issue: 2
  • Year: 2020
  • Pages: 138–168

Title: “‘The Humble Petition of Johana Nyewuame Bekrah’: Becoming/Being Gã, Straddling ‘Spaces,’ and Negotiating Boundaries in the Gold Coast Christian ‘Model Town’ (Abokobi), ca. 1860-1980.”

  • Journal: Journal of West African History
  • Volume: 6
  • Issue: 1
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Introduction of InfoSecure Excellence Award

Introduction of InfoSecure Excellence Award


Step into the spotlight of cybersecurity excellence with the prestigious ‘InfoSecure Excellence Award.‘ This accolade recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to enhancing information security practices. Join us in celebrating the guardians of digital safety and the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.


The InfoSecure Excellence Award welcomes cybersecurity professionals, experts, and enthusiasts worldwide. There are no age restrictions, ensuring that individuals at various stages of their cybersecurity journey can showcase their excellence. Eligible candidates should possess a strong background in information security and a proven track record of impactful contributions.

Qualification and Publications:

Applicants are required to showcase their qualifications through a detailed portfolio, emphasizing their expertise in information security. Strong consideration will be given to individuals with a history of influential publications, certifications, and a commitment to advancing the field.

  • A comprehensive biography outlining the applicant’s journey in the field of information security.
  • An abstract highlighting key achievements and contributions to information security.
  • Supporting files containing relevant publications, certifications, or projects that demonstrate excellence in cybersecurity.
Evaluation Criteria:

Entries will be evaluated based on the depth of expertise, impact on information security practices, and overall influence on the cybersecurity community. Originality, relevance, and the potential to inspire future cybersecurity professionals will be significant criteria.

Submission Guidelines:
  • Online submissions can be made through the official award portal.
  • The submission deadline is [insert date].
  • All documents should be submitted in PDF format.
  • Clearly label and organize supporting files.

Winners of the InfoSecure Excellence Award will receive a prestigious trophy, a certificate of recognition, and extensive acknowledgment within the global cybersecurity community. The award ceremony will be a highlight of a prominent industry event.

Community Impact:

This award aims to spotlight individuals whose excellence has made a significant impact on the broader information security community, fostering collaboration and driving advancements in the field.


Applicants are encouraged to provide a detailed biography, emphasizing their journey, achievements, and contributions to information security.

Abstract and Supporting Files:

A concise abstract summarizing the essence of the applicant’s excellence in information security must be included. Supporting files should offer additional context, such as publications, certifications, or transformative innovations.

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