Assist Prof Dr. Tariku Chamada, Environmental consultancy service Award, Best Researcher Award

Assistant Professor at Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia

Dr. Tariku Chamada is an Assistant Professor in the field of Chemical Engineering. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Dire Dawa University and later pursued a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at Addis Ababa University. With a solid foundation in both chemical and environmental engineering, Dr. Chamada’s research interests revolve around environmental remediation, waste management, renewable energy, process optimization, and water/wastewater treatment.

Throughout his academic and professional career, Dr. Chamada has been actively engaged in teaching, research, and community service. He has served as an Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer at Dire Dawa University, where he contributed to the education and mentorship of students in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Currently, he holds a teaching position at Adama Science and Technology University, where he continues to inspire and educate future engineers.



B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Dire Dawa University Institute of Technology (IOT), completed in 2013.

M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Addis Ababa University Institute of Technology (AAiT), completed in 2016.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Tariku Chamada has gained valuable professional experience in academia, particularly in the field of chemical engineering. He began his career as an Assistant Lecturer at Dire Dawa University in the Department of Chemical Engineering in August 2013. He then progressed to the role of Lecturer within the same department, where he contributed to teaching and research until February 2018. Currently, Dr. Chamada serves as a Lecturer in the Chemical Engineering Program at Adama Science and Technology University, where he continues to impart knowledge and expertise to students. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence and has actively contributed to the development of the next generation of engineers.

Research Interest:

Environmental remediation techniques: Dr. Chamada is interested in exploring innovative methods for the removal of pollutants from air, water, and soil, with a focus on sustainable and cost-effective approaches.

Waste management and recycling: He investigates strategies for efficient waste management, including recycling processes and waste-to-energy technologies, to minimize environmental impact and promote resource conservation.

Renewable energy systems: Dr. Chamada is involved in research related to the development and optimization of renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind, and biomass energy, to address energy security and climate change challenges.

Process optimization and modeling: He explores advanced modeling and optimization techniques to enhance the efficiency and performance of chemical processes, with applications in various industries including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

Water and wastewater treatment: Dr. Chamada focuses on the design and optimization of treatment processes for water and wastewater, aiming to provide clean and safe water resources for communities while minimizing environmental pollution.

Publication Top Noted:

Analysis of Bagasse Cellulose-Based Hydrogel for Methylene Blue Removal from Textile Industry Wastewater

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Optimization mixing ratio of the brewery waste water sludge and coal as energy source for cement industry and fuel ash effect on the raw material composition

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Calcium oxide nanoparticles synthesis from hen eggshells for removal of lead (Pb(II)) from aqueous solution

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Tariku Chamada | Environmental consultancy service Award | Best Researcher Award

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