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Mr. Chalachew Kassaw, Mental Health, Best Researcher Award

Chalachew Kassaw at Dilla University, Ethiopia

Mr. Chalachew Kassaw is a dedicated Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at Jimma University. He earned an MSc in Integrated Clinical and Community Mental Health from Jimma University and a BSc in Psychiatric Nursing from Haramaya University, both with high distinctions. In his academic role, he teaches psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, and neuroscience to undergraduate students, conducts research, advises on student theses, and participates in various committees, including research ethics and curriculum development. With previous experience as an Assistant Lecturer and extensive training in effective teaching, community-based education, and research methodologies, Mr. Kassaw is a committed educator and researcher in the field of mental health.



Mr. Chalachew Kassaw earned his MSc in Integrated Clinical and Community Mental Health (ICCMH) from Jimma University, completing his studies in November 2019 with an impressive grade of 93% (3.72/4). He previously obtained a BSc in Psychiatric Nursing from Haramaya University in July 2014, graduating with a notable grade of 92.75% (3.71/4). His academic achievements reflect his dedication and excellence in the field of mental health.

Professional Experience:

Mr. Chalachew Kassaw is currently serving as a Lecturer since November 2019, where he provides lectures on basics of psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, neuroscience, and related courses for undergraduate health science students. His responsibilities include conducting research and grant community service projects, advising students on research thesis works, and serving as an internal and external examiner for qualification exams and research defenses. He is also a member of the research ethics and review committee of the College of Medicine and Health Science, the curriculum development committee for postgraduate students, the evaluation team, and a reviewer for staff research, as well as the staff promotion committee of the psychiatry department. Previously, he held the position of Assistant Lecturer from October 2015 to November 2016, where he delivered lectures to BSc health science students and treated patients in an outpatient setting. His extensive experience in teaching, research, and clinical practice showcases his commitment to advancing the field of mental health education and care.

Research Interest:

Mr. Chalachew Kassaw’s research interests are focused on various aspects of mental health. His areas of expertise include the basics of psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, and neuroscience. He is particularly interested in conducting research related to community mental health, exploring innovative approaches to mental health care delivery, and improving mental health services in community settings. Additionally, he is involved in research projects that aim to address the mental health needs of underserved populations, enhance mental health education and training, and develop effective interventions for mental health disorders. His commitment to advancing mental health research is evident through his active participation in grant community service projects and his advisory role in student research thesis works.


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Chalachew Kassaw | Mental Health | Best Researcher Award

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