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Dr. Volodymyr Tsyganov, Thermo-Dynamic, Lifetime achievement Award

Doctorate at National University Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic, Ukraine

Dr. Volodymyr Tsyganov is a distinguished researcher and academic with over 45 years of experience in the fields of friction and wear in machines, mechanical and physical-chemical treatment, and metal-cutting instruments. He holds a Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) degree and a Doctor of Science degree, both specializing in Friction and Wear in Machines. Dr. Tsyganov has made significant contributions to the understanding of wear resistance, surface layer properties, and the optimization of structural states in metal treatment. He has published numerous articles in both national and international journals and has collaborated on research projects focused on enhancing the wearproofness of machine parts under various dynamic loading conditions.



Dr. Volodymyr Tsyganov holds a Candidate of Science (Ph.D.) degree in Friction and Wear in Machines, which he earned in 1989. His doctoral research encompassed specialties in friction and wear in machines, processes of mechanical and physical-chemical treatment, as well as machine tools and instruments. Furthering his academic pursuits, Dr. Tsyganov obtained his Doctor of Science degree in 2017, specializing in Friction and Wear in Machines. His advanced studies have equipped him with a deep understanding of the mechanical engineering field, particularly in the areas of material friction, wear properties, and the treatment of machine components.

Professional Experience:

Dr. Volodymyr Tsyganov boasts a remarkable 45-year career in research and academia, focusing on friction and wear in machines. His professional experience includes extensive work on the wear resistance of machine parts under various thermo-dynamic loading conditions, the properties of superficial layers, and the development of metal-cutting instruments. Dr. Tsyganov’s expertise extends to abrasive treatment and the optimization of structural states of surface layers in metals. He has conducted pioneering research that has significantly advanced the understanding and application of wearproof materials in high-temperature dynamic systems. His prolific career is marked by numerous publications in both national and international journals, showcasing his profound impact on the field.

Research Interest:

Dr. Volodymyr Tsyganov’s research interests are centered on the study of friction and wear in machines, with a particular focus on enhancing wear resistance under various thermo-dynamic loading conditions. His work delves into the properties of superficial layers and the optimization of these layers to improve the performance and longevity of machine parts. Additionally, Dr. Tsyganov is deeply involved in the development and improvement of metal-cutting instruments, abrasive treatment processes, and the creation of wearproof materials, especially for high-temperature dynamic systems. His research aims to innovate and improve the reliability and efficiency of mechanical systems through advanced material science and engineering techniques.


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Influence des conditions de chargement dynamique sur la résistance à l’usure des tribocontacts

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Features of engineering the wear-resistant surface of parts with the multicomponent dynamic load

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Increasing wear resistance of steel by optimizing structural state of surface layer

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Особенности изнашивания трибосопряжений в условиях трехмерного нагружения

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The methodological principles of the engineering of tribocoupling details surface under multicomponent loading

  • Authors: V.V. Tsyganov, L.I. Ivschenko
  • Conference: Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2018
  • Year: 2019
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Creation of wearproof eutecticum composition materials for the details of the high temperature dynamic systems

  • Authors: V. Tsyganov, L. Ivschenko, H. Byalik, R. Mokhnach, N. Sakhniuk
  • Conference: MS&T
  • Year: 2019
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Ускоренные испытания сложнонагруженных деталей трибосопряжений

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Development of rational chemical composition of special steel with increased mechanical and performance characteristics

  • Authors: S. Sheyko, Y. Belokon, A. Kripak, V. Shalomeev, V. Tsyganov, E. Kulabneva
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Steel-copper nano composited materials

  • Authors: V. Tsyganov, V. Naumik, L. Ivschenko, H. Byalik, R. Mokhnach
  • Conference: Materials Science and Technology (MS&T)
  • Year: 2019
  • Pages: 439-443
  • Citations: 6


Volodymyr Tsyganov | Thermo-Dynamic | Lifetime achievement Award

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